Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally, The Furniture Makeover Results!

I recently purchased this pretty little lady. She had great lines but needed a paint job.

Out came the Antibes Green, ASP Chalk Paint, my new favorite color these days. My can is almost empty I've been using it so much.

When you add the clear and then the dark wax, the paint just pops and makes a piece glow with antique goodness. Even if it's not an antique.

Isn't this yummy. It's currently at the shop, front and center at Jazz.

Nightstand snagged at a garage sale.

After some Chalk Paint, Old White and then Duck Egg Blue followed by clear and dark wax.

Two fun vintage chairs. The one on the left is really old. Under that material was the original leather seat in great condition.

 After. More green. I'm channeling Kermit, what can I say.
The twins and I took the chairs and table up a week and a half ago, moved things around and got ready for Fall. However this table sold the following week so the green desk  is now in it's place. I did take pictures of the Fall redecoration and will show you in the next post!

September has been just crazy, things flying out of the shop left and right. I think it's one of the best months we've ever had. Our shop has a new owner and is now called Abundance Vintage. There have been quite a few vendor changes and I am loving the new look and feel the shop has.

To take a peek, check out our Facebook pages.

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On a side note, since I finally joined into the Facebook foray, yes, I am just now jumping on the bandwagon! I will probably be phasing out the All That Jazz blog. I think it's going to be easier to give quick updates about upcoming events and new items at Jazz and quite frankly it's a lot of work doing 2 blogs. I'll keep my personal blog and keep you connected with All That Jazz through the Facebook page, so be sure to hit that LIKE button if you want to stay connected.

Thanks and have a fantastic week!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updates and Makeovers

I'm sorry to say, I haven't been in a blogging mood lately. I think that happens to me at the end of every Summer. I've been busy with lots of Jazz "hoopla". First, we helped my cousin Michelle pack up her stuff from Jazz and sadly said goodbye to her. It was a sorrowful parting of the ways and she will be missed. Now I have to figure out a way to fill the whole space myself AND pay the full space rent! Scary but exciting as well.

 Michelle has begun a new journey making jewelery. She made both necklaces we had on in the pictures and so far is making big bucks off her family! She's doing pretty darn well selling to other customers non-related as well. You can find her Rockin' Heart Jewelry Facebook page on the sidebar to see more of her fabulous work!

So once I had the run of the whole space, I hauled in these pretties.

Then a few days later, this butcher block island sold. So I had to take something else in.

Thankfully I had another piece waiting. Not this piece. I just found this picture and got the inspiration to "dirty up" a dresser I had already painted white, because I thought it was a bit boring.

I came up with this.

Now the paint on this dresser was regular latex satin. I added a coat of my Annie Sloan clear wax and then dark wax. Learning curve~satin paint doesn't absorb the wax like the AS Chalk Paint. I figured it wouldn't. When I buffed most of the "dirt" the dark wax rubbed off and it didn't end up looking as dirty as I would have liked. Next time I'm going to get some flat white and see how that works.

Someone must have thought it was dirty enough though because I just got the word tonight that it sold today. Two days after I took it in. I also sold an ottoman I covered in a burlap sack that turned out really cool. I'm so mad I didn't get a picture! It was a last minute decision to take it in and it sold the next day. I hate it when I do that. Now I have to scramble to get something else in the dresser's place.

Good thing I found THIS over the weekend.  Cute right. She already has her new paint job, I just need to add the wax. Think GREEN. Yes, my newest obsession is ASCP Antibes Green.

I think it's gonna be a hard piece to part with.

Got these two little beauties this weekend too. Makeovers already in progress.

And these two chairs. Think GREEN again. I know, I'm bad. If people hate the color I might be in trouble but so far I've been told I'm getting good feedback on it.

BTW~ I finally joined the Facebook craze and have created a page for All That Jazz. I have been trying to add updates to it as things go into the shop. Another reason I haven't been blogging. This Facebook thing is a bit complicated. If you check it out, please feel free to LIKE the page so you can get updates on your wall. Don't you just love modern technology. 
Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Have a terrific week!