Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! Or should I say "Happy Royal Wedding Day?" Aren't you just dying to see how it all came together??

I've been a busy bee this week!

I wanted to share with you a few recent projects. First, I made a bunny for Farmboy's daughter. This was something I will probably never do again, goodness gracious! I had a co-worker make a pattern. She did a darling job but I had her do it again because the first one didn't allow for a seam allowance.

I have made plenty of pillows. Square shaped, simple pillows. I have never tried anything with curves! Somehow Mr. Bunny still didn't come out looking much like the pattern. This was definitely a gift made with love, not an expert's eye. But I did love the fabrics. A co-worker even commented, "It looks, very, um- Shabby Chic!" Bingo. I used fabrics that I featured in this post (second hand twin sheet and placemats.)

I filled the bunny with dried lavender along with the stuffing so it'd smell good. And I put a little heart on the front.

And a pocket on the back. I put a card inside with a special message handwritten on it.

Farmgirl's daugher really liked the bunny so I was happy! It was a fabulous Easter weekend!

Another recent project was to paint these faux ceiling tile style picture frames I found at the thrift shop.

I took some white paint to them then sanded them up a bit. Now I just need to print some photos for them! I think they will look great when grouped with my barnwood frames.

I wanted to show you our new business cards! I loved our first design but the print was so faint I don't think anyone could read it. We got our cards at Vistaprint.

Amanda from Girl In Pink got her giveaway goodies from us this week!! She posted about it here, be sure to stop by and say hello!!

I think we are finally going to see some spring sunshine this weekend! I need to figure out some free time to take some new items to Jazz, I have lots of great goodies waiting to be scooped up! Don't forget about our special coupon for 20% off any one item in our vendor space! You can print the coupon below:

See you next week!


Monday, April 25, 2011

New Additions To The Booth And A SURPRISE For You!

Wishing this was my view...

Anyone else from the Pacific Northwest as peeved as I am about the big warm weather-sunshiny TEASER we had on Saturday, then being dropped right back into the deep depths of the abnormally cold temps and RAIN?

Alright, enough of that. I'm just thankful we don't have tornados, hurricanes and wildfires at the moment.

A few new things to share with you that will be going to the booth soon. This awesome vintage Hoosier table I scouted out of a neighbor's carport! Take it where you can get it. On a side note, while loading it up I spied a couple other things I might be going back for. Negotiations are in the works!

The white paint assembly line brigade.  The pictures frames are just beautiful, made of ceramic. I considered keeping them but don't have anywhere to put them. I am keeping the mirror in the middle for myself but the long mirror goes to the booth.

Now these are my latest furniture additions in my mad scramble attempt to find some replacement pieces since we are selling furniture like crazy at the moment. They nearly had me pulling my hair out at one time. Let's just say a glazing technique didn't turn out as I had hoped. It was high drama. I had to go to plan B. I finally have them meeting my approval but need to do a bit of work on the drawers, one sticks. I promise to show you the finished picture next week.

Last but not least, we are offering our readers a special coupon!

As you can see, if you print it off and hand it over when you buy something from our booth, you get a 20% discount off any one item! We really hope our readers who live close enough can take advantage of a great deal and come visit our space. Have a fabulous week and if you have sunshine where you live, send a little my way!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Using Everyday Items in Unique Ways

Tara and I wanted to share some more recent shop and merchandise photos with you. But I also wanted to talk about something that came up while reading Kate's Salvage Dior blog post today.

Kate gives some feedback to readers about "Style Inspiration: Simply Kate" (click here to read her post.)
She gave some fabulous advice on how to decorate with items from around your own home to add some style and stay on a budget.

This really got me thinking. For example, in my profession (education) I have learned that the environment we create for children to learn in is very important. For example, it should include minimal color and visual distractions, be natural in materials, be "home-like", and contain items that are interesting and provoking for exploration and inspiring ideas.

One thing we put into practice in our classroom is to "use every day items in unexpected ways" or ".....take the ordinary and make it extraordinary."

For example, layering a variety of framed photos, art, and quotes to create a unique piece of art, as was done in our Jazz space in the photo above and below.

 It takes a while to get used to thinking this way. But once you do, and start shopping your home or the thrift shops and garage sales, you'll find that every time you see something,  you will have a vision for it that might not be typical or for what it's intended for. You'll pulse will race and you won't believe you scored such a perfect item!

I love the way the letters in the word "ZERO" on this fan appear to be freezing.....

While layering certainly works well in a shop space that is full to the hilt, consider layering in your own home as well! Combine pieces such as silver and gold, barnwood and a pop of color.

These branches were cut off a tree behind Tara's house. Any plant form, even just a branches of green buds, looks amazing when brought inside and displayed in a pretty vase, pail, or bottle! These branches are free (if you don't have them in your yard, consider asking a friend if you can snag some from theirs!)

My recent find at a thrift shop was this white "thing." I feel like it might have once contained glass votive holders, that made a kind of table-top votive tower? There were no longer any glass pieces, but I liked it's uniqueness and was determined to find something to do with it (typical junker mentality!)

It sat empty in my home for several weeks. While browsing at a thrift shop one day I came across several green coke bottles. I thought they might fit inside the holes of the metal "thing", and they did.

I used it as a sort of vase and added some light pink carnation buds I got a bundle of for 3.99 at the grocery store.

Completely random, yet kind of fun! I can see this, along with some lavender tucked in, maybe some burlap trim, and some added glass tea-light holders in the bottom rings as a centerpiece for a table. Each and every one of you might come up with so many other possibilities, too!  (I am going to end up selling this holder with the Coke bottles in the shop.)

Don't underestimate the power of your own creativity! Just try displaying something uniquely. Even if you aren't sure you like it, take photos of it. View your photos (everything looks different in a photo- it's a fresh perspective!) Create an "inspiration file" and save any photos on blogs and sites that inspire you (or cut out pictures from magazines.)

And thank you dear Kate, for being a source of inspiration!!

What is one unique way that you might have used an everyday item in an unusual way?

~michelle & tara~

p.s. Tara informed me that some of the items in the first photo have already sold since that photo was taken, including the white lattice, the blue window frame, and one of the dressers. That is why the second photo shows the same corner but different furniture!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pink Shabby Mirror

Well I thought for sure after all my complaining about rainy weather, ole karma would have it snow on me this weekend! But actually, Sunday was quite pleasant and I got some outside time with my horse which was much-needed!

I also had some great family time and even bought a mirror at a thrift shop and redid it! Unfortunately I did not get a "before" photo. Imagine an 1990's oak mirror with roses etched on it.

At first I thougth I'd paint it white, but then I envisioned it in a pale pink and distresesd.

I really like how it turned out. The shape of the mirror is just angular enough to take away from the feminine pink and roses.

It was hard to capture the shade of pink (I mixed it myself) with my camera. I think it'd be darling in a little girl's bedroom. The mirror will be for sale in the shop as soon as I can get a carload down there. I'm runnin' out of free time these days!

I have also recently snagged a variety of linens. They are piling up in my "to-do" pile!

I adore the pale pink striped fabric, I believe they are actually a set of placemats. I think a few pillows are in order, to possibly match the mirror. And the rose sheets might be paired with some rustic burlap and made into lavender sachets. Yep, that "to-do" list just keeps getting longer!

This vintage white linen is starting to fall a part a bit but I just love it's texture and detail. I plan to keep it myself not sure what to do with it yet. But I love it.

That's what matters, right? I'm going through a major spring cleaning stage right now (more on that later) and decided that I'm really only keeping things that are family heirlooms, special gifts, or things that I love.

Between Tara and I we hope to get some updated photos of the All That Jazz Vintage space posted later this week.

Happy Monday everyone!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Must Have Flowers!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you won't be surprised by what I am about to say. I have had enough of wintry spring weather. I don't mind rain in the fall. It's cozy after a warm summer, it means football on Sundays and crisp walks and getting out my sweaters. But in the spring, I am ready to warmer weather.

All you see around here right now is rain-pelted camelia blooms littering the yard....but such a pretty carpet of pink, don't you think?

We are still battling rain and chilly temps here. Areas in north Washington were still getting snow this week! My horse is still wearing his winter blanket! I wore a down jacket on my walk to Starbuck's yesterday! Last week I read online that the Seattle area hadn't seen a day of sun in something like 41 days.

Okay, enough of my griping. One of the projects I've been tackling while being trapped inside during foul weather is cleaning out photo files. I found a lot of flower photos that I have taken in the past few years, both with my point-and-shoot Sony and my DSLR Nikon. I thought they might cheer up those of you PAC NW'sters out there, too!!

 In mid-summer these "wild daisies" grow everywhere around here. I love to pick them!

  I think their sunshiney faces looked so cute in this little tarnished silver cup!

A pail I added chalkboard paint to for the shop. Funny thing, it hasn't sold in over a year! It is still there. Maybe it's priced too high. I should just bring it home and plant flowers in it for the porch!

I picked these last year from my Nana's yard. I call them little carnations, but she calls them pinks or pinkies. They smell scrumptious!

Roses from the bushes next to my house in my favorite blue-green jars and vases. These are from two years ago. I could not believe how HUGE and how fragrant they were! The neighbors who lived upstairs a few years ago planted the rose bushes.

Okay, now I've gone and done it! I am buying flowers this weekend for my house. I can't stand it anymore.

If spring won't come outside, then I'll bring it inside.

I hope you all are having a spring-y weekend where you live!


p.s. Thank you for your comments on my bedding post! Funny story- Farmboy hadn't read that post yet but while driving home from dinner the other night he said he'd caught up on some of my last few posts. He said that on my Pottery Barn post, he liked the white fluffy bedding, and the salvaged shelf above the bed. And I looked at him a bit surprised and said well then I can't wait for you to see the post I did today! So far, thumbs up on the white bedding!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Help Me with Bedding?

Do you all know Tausha Salat over at Simply Me? Well I'm her blog's newest stalker admirer. I just adore her ability to toss together a room, creating a romantic feel that makes you want to cozy up with your favorite person, book, or pet! If I could combine Tausha's home with Maria's from Dreamy Whites, I'd have my ultimate dream home!

I love how Tausha makes this room look so comfy and lived in, and the tufted brown leather couch makes a statement with a bit of masculinity.

Speaking of the word romantic, let's think about that word for a minute. It contains the word "man." Rather ironic since most "romantic" decor tends to be more frilly in nature. I am trying to find a good balance between rustic, romantic, and peaceful for the master bedroom. I will share before photos of the project later this month. The one thing I can start with is new bedding! I am trying to find an affordable duvet and shams.

Tausha and I have been emailing about some bedding she recently featured on her blog Simply Me, which I am considering for the bedroom. It is from the Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic line, made for Target. My concern was that Farmboy would think it's too girly. Picture the following bedding with a headboard made of old barn wood behind it~

Tausha also suggested this bedding, which she used for her son's room. I LOVE it but can not find it at a Target in my area:

Farmboy reads my blog (hi handsome!) so I know he'll check out these photos and give me the thumbs up or down. Or maybe he will care less. After all, that boy can sleep anywhere! I want to mix the all-white bedding with some handmade burlap pillows of my own. This is where the "rustic masculinity" comes in to even things out.

I would also greatly appreciate your opinions on these two! You can even share other suggestions for bedding you have or seen that I might like. My only conditions are that it be white, affordable, and feature unique and somewhat unexpected details (which is what I love about the two above featured duvets.)

I want to thank dear, sweet Tausha for being so willing to help me out and let me use some of the photos from her beautiful blog. If you haven't visited her already please head over there. Trust me, make yourself some tea, grab your Dr. Pepper or Vitamin Water or whatever your drink of choice, because you'll be there a while!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back From Vacation and The Giveaway Winner!

Howdy! I've missed you all this past week!

My Farmboy and I just returned from a sunny vacation with family in California.

It was fun to come back and see so many new blogger friends that found us through the giveaway! Between Tara and myself, we have tried to get over to your blogs and say hello.

First of all, let me tell you, it was fabulous to get out of our rainy Northwest weather and get some SUNSHINE! My sweet Aunt J hosted us at her lovely home and we got to do a lot of this~

The pool was surrounded by magenta bougainvillea bushes and night blooming jasmine. Also in the yard was a Meyer's lemon/orange tree and a grapefruit tree.

I picked this grapefruit off the tree to go with my breakfast one morning. I didn't even have to coat it in sugar!!

We got to spend some quality time playing in the backyard with my aunt's darling King Charles Cavalier puppykin, Lizzy; and her sister the cat, Lucy.

No visit with my Aunt J will be without horsin' around time!

My sister and I "cowgirling up" for the ride.

My Aunt J, our hostess with the mostest, on her dashing Quarter Horse, Jesse.

Aunt J even let me ride her beautiful bay mare, Shanna Lady!

Even though I snagged a desert yellow bloom to tuck behind my ear, of course crazy me just had to fill my cantle bags with sprigs of wild lavender!!

Well there was plenty relaxing, great home-cooked meals, and site-seeing. But enough of my vacation and on to the giveaway winner as I know you are eagerly waiting.

The winner is.........

Amanda  from  Girl In Pink!!!!

I had never met Amanda before but just checked out her blog and oh boy, it's delightful and pretty! And she's a Washington native, too! How cool! Amanda, be sure to send me an email I have some details to gather from you!

Have a fabulous week everyone, I hope you get a little sunshine in your corner of the world!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

The drawing is over! Thanks to each and every one of you for coming by and signing up,
spreading the word and sharing the love. Results to be announced in a couple of days.

Have yourselves a glorious Spring day!