Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Goodbye and a new Beginning...

All That Jazz~ old spot at ABUNDANCE VINTAGE

Last month I said goodbye to the space/shop All That Jazz has called home for the last 5 years. The building we were located in is for sale and we were told there was a "sale pending". Therefore, our shop owner made the decision to close her wonderful store in April.

It took about a week for me to find another shop to move Jazz into, but thankfully I found one and it was my first and probably only choice and just up the street from where I was before. I am still sad and disappointed my previous shop, Abundance Vintage closed, it was a wonderful place to have a booth and Susan, the shop owner was marvelous. However the shop owner at my new space is a real sweetheart and I am extremely thankful she made room for me.

I cleared out my bigger furniture pieces in a sale so I could start my new space with fresh pieces. I had about a 3 week grace period to prepare before I moved to my new spot at "The Shady Lady".

Here is my new space when I arrived to set up, "pre Jazz", all prepped with fresh paint, extension cords ready for lamps and a ladder for hanging things! Yes, my new shop owner Holly rocks!


Two and a half hours later, with the help of my Mom and Aunt (previous members of Jazz) we had everything all set up! It was a great relief to get everything settled after 6 weeks of stress and worry about having to move and how things would set up and fit in. I am very glad to finally be settled and after 2 weeks things seem to be going pretty well. I just hope many of my previous customers follow me there. Now I get to get on with the business of picking and painting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Fresh Start!

      It always feels good to clear out the Christmas clutter and set up my space to welcome Spring!

                                           Dried lavender bundles and boxwood wreaths!

                  I spent several days making these large signs and loved the way they turned out.

                                                           Pretty lavender sachets~

                       The newest piece I just brought in, a vintage vanity with a Paris theme.

                                                   A couple of handmade pillows~

                                                              Bring on Spring!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shabby Pink Dresser

A recent dresser makeover. This cute little piece started out in that lovely forest green color that was so popular in the 80's and early 90's. It also had an extremely prominent crackle effect there was no way I could disguise, so I had to make it work for me.

I painted it with a mix of Annie Sloan Old White, Pure White and Emperor's Silk to create a pink color.

Next I added a vintage label image, then sealed the paint with clear wax. I also used an abundant amount of dark wax to get into all the crackle nooks and crannies.

This is a little more on the "shabby chic" side than I usually do, but it turned out rather cute!

In place and ready for sale at All That Jazz!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May at Jazz!

I've been horrible about blogging but thought I would share some pictures of what Jazz is looking like these days. This is Memorial Day Weekend!

I am always trying to shift and adjust to keep things fresh. Finding furniture to makeover and sell has been a real struggle lately but thankfully garage sale season is finally upon us and things are looking up! I miss hitting the garage sales in the winter.

Hope all is well with my followers, if I still have any!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Out of Africa With Some Zebra Stripes!

I spent the last several weeks, yes WEEKS, working on this zebra dining room table
and chair set. About a week in a customer got wind of what I was doing and wanted it! 
She didn't need it right away so that gave me some time to get everything done and not 
be rushed. It normally doesn't take me weeks to do a project!

The  customer got to chose the image for her chairs. She actually chose two. 
A crown for two of the chairs...

...and she wanted a fleur de lis with some french script on the other two. 
The image I used has a crown as well so it tied back to the crown on the other chairs.

Last night the table and chairs went to the shop so the customer 
could pick them up from there.

Love those zebra stripes!