Monday, November 29, 2010

A Jazzy Christmas!

Jazz is all decked out for the holidays! We had a slight hitch in our giddy~up. Or should I say a major hitch. Due to unseemly weather, you know, the freezing snowing icy icky messiness we had last week? Yep, THAT nastiness put a crimp in our plans. Michelle's travel plans had to make some adjustments due to the road conditions and by the time she got here we only had a little over an hour to work on things. I know. How in the cotton pickin' world are you supposed to completely transform your booth in an hour. You don't.

Since the following day was Thanksgiving and the shop was closed, it was left to me and me ALONE to get the job done on Friday. Everyone else had prior commitments. The down side~it was slightly lonely without anyone to work with. The upside~I got to do whatever I wanted!

The little tree has all the little ornaments Michelle made on it. If you were eying those boots from a previous post, you're too late, they're gone already!

We love this little white shabby table that sits atop the bigger table. It works great for display purposes. Today I got the dreaded, yet highly anticipated call~the little white shabby table has sold. 
And your stuff is all over the place and needs fixed.

Man that's a call I love and hate at the same time.

Especially when you've just spent hours designing a vignette around it.

Now if the BIG table under all this stuff sells, we're in BIG trouble. 
We may have to display stuff on the floor.
That could be attractive.

There's me. Where oh where are you Michelle?  Mom?  Auntie?  Nana...Anyone?

Just kidding! My Mom actually took this picture on Sunday. She and I worked in the shop for a few hours to help get a commission discount. Every bit helps and it's fun for a few hours to play shopkeeper.

The only downside to running the shop? During the downtime you have time to shop in the other booths. Now strictly speaking, I actually only took one thing from our own booth so it doesn't really count. No Michelle, it wasn't something or yours! However dear old Mom spent a good chunk of change. She's dangerous that way. She's also Michelle's best repeat customer.

Most of this spectacular merchandise will still be there on Saturday. We're having a Christmas Open House/Sale on December 4th from 3-7. Everything in Painted Lady Vintage will be on sale, from 10% off all the way up to 50%. I do hope some of you can make it, we would love to meet you and have you join us!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are ready to get all geared up for the 
Christmas season, I know I am!

Have a great week~Tara

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Excuse The Mess and A Discount!

On Wednesday (weather permitting, I am working on this post from the North Pole Arctic Storm 2010)
a few of us will be working at our "shop" on Wednesday afternoon. We'll be moving in furniture, decorating for the holidays, adding new holiday merchandise.....making a mess! It will be fun, we will get lattes, and drink hot cocoa, and get a yummy lunch at the deli next door.....if you are in the area and would like to stop in and shop 'til you drop, mention the blog to us and we'll give you a 20% discount in our vendor space!

Via sled or snowmobile, here are some of the fabulous things that will be making their way into our space this week ~

cozy boots and mini-chalkboards

tres chic burlap pictures in old window frames

 rusty buckets, jars of snow, and pine cone hurricanes

vintage ornament sparkle!

handmade ornaments with burlap, buttons, and bling

 for the beach lovers out there~ these are sparkly too,but don't show in the photos

snow people to add to the icebox temps and the glittery white snow we're getting! 

my latest pillows~ burlap and cream colored canvas, "Ranch", "Home", "Blazing Trails." Yee-haw!

load up all your new goodies into this darling gray-washed dresser and matching nightstand!

We are enjoying a sparkly snowy, chilly day here in the Pacific Northwest.....enjoy your week, wherever you are! Remember that no matter what is going on in our lives, we still have so much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uh-Oh & Mad About Plaid

Remember how in my last post I said I probably wouldn't be tackling holiday decor until after Thanksgiving?

Bah humbug!

After my migraine finally lifted on Friday night, I got a second wind and inspiration from two places. One, the lovely holiday decor of Melanie over at Pretties and Posies. 

Two, this picture from my photo folder titled "Ideas." This one was saved as "hutch idea" and I have no idea where I found it, I think it was from last year. So if it is yours please let me know and I'll give you credit!

I am going to keep it simple this year~ greenery, burlap, and plaid.

Let's start with the greenery. Thanks to big beautiful trees~

a windstorm, and a pair of clippers, on Saturday I brought home a bag of cedar boughs from my sister's farm.

I am taking some of the boughs to the shop to decorate our space, and some will be used in my home.

I found scrap plaid ribbon in my ribbon box, and tied it with burlap around little Dollar Tree topiaries. These ones are in my bathroom.

I put this one in a vase.

Here are some other photos of plaid I found from Country Living  ~

I am just addicted to plaid around the holidays! It's so classic and cozy and festive. I'm going to wrap all my gifts in brown postal paper and plaid ribbon.
My holiday decorating got interrupted by the urge to make ornaments. We are putting a tree in our vendor space this week and wanted to fill it up. They turned out pretty cute! I will post pictures of them soon, as well as a few other things that will be making their way to the shop at Thanksgiving.

The  flakes were trickling down slowly off and on all day.....slowly being the operative word. Not enough to equal a snow day for this cowgirl.



Friday, November 19, 2010

Let it Snow?

It's been a long winter's week! Wind storms, two days of a migraine, and the beginnings of the holiday hustle-bustle. I am trying to get some projects done around the house, in between working on merchandise for All That Jazz Vintage.

At  the top of my list for Santa this year? Five extra hours a day!

I got this frame at a garage sale last summer for $2. I finally found a space for it.

Now I need to print out some photos. I am not sure whether to do a black and white theme or color photos. I always struggle with this!

Several Christmases ago my sister gave me this framed photo collage of me and my horse, Riley. (Did you know I have a horse? More on that another time!)

For my birthday a few years ago, another cowboy-lovin' co-worker of mine had these cowboy images framed for me!

Another recent project is the completion of new pillows for my loveseats!

I have been debating for months what kind of pillows to buy or make. I have a few burlap ones I made, but wanted something else that was softer and not too busy. I finally found inspiration on a few Etsy shops (thank you My Sweet Savannah  and Shawnee23.

Using two spare pillow forms I had, I made these out of a pair of cream tab-top curtains from the thrift shop and drop cloth canvas. They blend in nicely with my slipcovers (almost too much!)

I want to get two more pillow forms so that I have a set of two for each couch.

Other than the little holly berry and pine cone tree and  the old IKEA plaid throw, I have no holiday decor out yet. Not sure if I will have time to tackle that before Thanksgiving but I will say there is a slight possibility that a snow day is in my future next week.....the chance for snow here in the Pacific Northwest is dependent on a nearly impossible combination of elements but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I 'm off to work on some Jazz projects. I can't wait to share with you what we'll be doing with the space for the holidays!


Monday, November 15, 2010

They Call Me The "Scarf Girl"

From October to March, you can rarely find me without a scarf around my neck. I am kind of a scarf hoarder. I love scarves for their obvious purpose~ keeping my neck warm and toasty!  I also love them for their style, colors, the way they can change up your whole look.

My Nana Billye has hand-knit and crocheted goodies in our All That Jazz Vintage space, including a new collection of scarves. I recently became the owner of the multi-colored one I am wearing in the photo above. At first I coveted this cream scarf.......

It's lovely, isn't it? 

Then my sister kindly reminded me that everything I have is black, brown, gray or cream! So I opted for the multi-colored one. The colors feel bold and wintry and will brighten up any outfit!

My Nana also has baby blankets (flannel, knit, crocheted, quilted), sweaters and hoodies, slippers, little hats, and more handmade treasures available in our space. You don't find handmade children's wares that often anymore, it is truly a lost art! And our prices on these items are amazing! (I paid under $10 for my scarf and nope~ there wasn't a family discount!)

Have a warm and cozy Monday~!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pioneer Woman, Projects, and A Puppy!

I was cleaning out photo files the other day (my computer runs like a snail because I have like twenty gazillion photos on it) and came across pictures from when I met Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, at her book signing in my area last year. They made me smile because I remembered how excited and nervous I was to meet her!

I mean, what kind of cheeseball grin was that?

I have made the mac n' cheese, blackberry cobbler and onion strings from her cookbook, they are very yummy!

Inspired by Ree's cowgirl cookbook, I made myself a "Cowgirl Grub" chalkboard.

 I have made a lot of chalkboards for our All That Jazz space, but realized that I didn't even have one myself!

I have loved layering and stacking lately. The little green plant is from Dollar Tree, it's on a pewter candlestick that a friend gave me from her trip to the East Coast years ago.

 I found this little white pedestal while junking for our shop. I put a golden pear in it and stuck it inside the dome I'd gotten at the French flea market in September.

I made the wooden cottage sign for the shop but ended up loving it and keeping it for myself. The red wreath is the first "holiday" item I've put out. It was off-center in this picture but I have since moved it to the center hooks and like it better.

Two new projects in the works~ I love these metal candelabras, they were one of my first "shabby chic" purchases over ten years ago! They were both white and I have them in my bathroom on either side of the mirror to hang jewelry on. Last year I pulled one out, spray painted it gold, and put it elsewhere in the house. Now I want it white again! So it will get a spray down the next time I get a chance. I love using a bright white paint then adding cream-colored candles.

Lastly, this winter etching is an original piece I inherited from one of the cottages my parents' owned. It's a winter scene and I love it, but I want to do my "wall of frames" here. I am just waiting for the big frames to be completed from my FarmBoy so I can decided what else I need to complete the grouping~ then to print out photos! I'm not sure I will keep the sconces there. They have white pumpkins in them now but I would like to put candles in them so the wall has a nice glow.

Lastly, the exciting, cutest part of the post (are you still with me?)

My FarmBoy's new puppy!  I take credit- I found her, adored her for a month, and finally convinced him to go check her out.

Of course he brought her home. Could you resist this face?  


Hard to believe she and her brother were still at the farm store that long! I guess it was meant to be. She is a 12 week old Red Heeler/Bichon Friese cross (um, obviously country dog met city dog in that pairing- oops!)

She is going to be a lot of fun!

By the way, her brother is still pressure.

Whew, this has been a marathon post!  I am busy working on projects for Jazz the next few days and have a packed weekend planned, too. I hope you are all having a fabulous week!!