Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall....Where Are You??

There is something about fall that makes me want to wrap myself in plaid blankets and sit under a chilly evening of stars roasting marshmallows.

Wear rubber wellies and fisherman sweaters and go to a pumpkin patch then get a warm spicy muffin and latte.

{above 3 photos courtesy of Country}

Yesterday around 6 p.m. I drank a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks outside, under their heat lamps.
 I was sweating in a simple long-sleeved t-shirt! There was something not quite right about a muggy drizzle on a late September day in the Pacific Northwest. When you are actually so warm you are wishing you'd gotten your latte iced....

Yes, I am complaining. I don't mind rainy days. Or September sun. But rain....and humidity?
It's just not right around here! I want that smell of autumn on the air, that slight coolness that makes you feel glad you grabbed your sweater as you headed out the door.....

Ah well. I just know those crisp fall nights will be here before you know it!!!

I have a busy weekend coming up, starting with Harvest Night from 4-8 on Friday night at Painted Lady Vintage (and including other local shops.) I will also be adding some of my latest fall creations to our All That Jazz Vintage space (I'll share those with you in an upcoming post) and  power shopping a few fall harvest sales with my cousin Tara!

I can't wait!

Hmmm.....should I keep out my flip-flops and tank tops??


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Winner and The Last Day of Summer

Thanks to all of you that entered our little giveaway! We have a winner~ Polly at the fabulous Sassafras Stuff blog. Yipee! Congrats, Polly, please send me an email  at so I can get some information from you!

I've been pulling out a few fall goodies at my house.

The green window has been sitting on my floor since last spring. I "bought" it from our space (it was a find from my cousin) for $15. Even though I am not usually into green, I couldn't resist the chippy wood. And, the green was a cool shade of green.  The backside is white chippy, so it has potential to be reversed if I tire of the green. For now, I hung a wooden star on the frame but hope to hang a twig or rose hip wreath when I get one. I also put my favorite numbers up!

I love my little white dollar store pumpkins.

Caw, caw- crows! The dome and silver tray I bought from Melaine at My Sweet Savannah when she was at the French Flea market in Kirkland, Washington two weekends ago. She's a doll and had such great stuff! I also collect bare branches from my sister's farm to fill vases (the glass and metal in the top photo was .75 at a yard sale.)

I love tones of cream, beige, gold, and plaid for fall. This rustic frame came from Value Village for 1.99. I framed a photo of a rescued wolf named Pahana which I saw when I visited Wolf Haven International this past summer. The birch candle holder I had, and the battery-operated candle is also from Value Village.

It's hard to believe that summer is really over. I took a jog today and as I ran a long the leaf-carpeted path, I could really feel it in the air.......

.......enjoy the season, everyone!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harvest Night Sale!

Come and enjoy and evening of shopping in downtown Centralia! Participating shops will have their merchandise marked down 25%-50% off for 4 hours only. So come immerse yourself in pumpkins, hay bales, rosehips and more!

Painted Lady Vintage
Shady Lady
Simply Collectible
Needful Things
Vintage and New
Across The Street Antiques
Timeless Treasures

The newest addition to All That Jazz

There will be lots of new merchandise in place for the Harvest Night so come and check us out!

Have  GREAT day and if you live in the Pacific Northwest, are you as disgusted with this weather as I am?!
Where is our beautiful Fall weather we usually have? 

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's A Giveway!

I love entering giveaways. I equally love giving things away! So I decided that All That Jazz Vintage needed to have a blog giveaway.

For this I have two fun treasures from the shop for grabs. First, a fun glass bottle that I found thrifting, which I converted to a vase. It is about 9"  high. To jazz it up I attached a stamped metal token that reads "DREAM" on the front.

I filled the bottle with bare branches because I like that look for autumn, but it would also look great on it's own, full of fresh flowers, or greenery! Unfortunately the branches aren't included in the giveaway, I'm not sure they'd survive the delivery!

I am also tossing in one of my burlap crown "MOI"  pillows!

How do you enter? SIMPLE! Just leave a comment on this post. If you want your name entered three times, yep, that is THREE entries instead of one, you can also mention this little giveaway on your blog, just let us know you did so!

Since our little blog still just has an itty bitty following, I think you have pretty good odds of winning this giveaway! Hee hee!

The deadline is this Sunday at midnight, and the winner will be chosen and announced next week!

Good luck, and have an amazing week everyone!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Routines and Fall Things

One thing I love about being "back to school" and September is getting back into a routine.

I get up a the same time, get home from work at the same's nice to be back on a schedule. Summer has no schedule. I find that once September rolls around, I tend to organize my time better. I feel like I want to nest. And bake. And go for a lot of walks.

I love walking in the fall. You can just  feel the season in your senses.

I came home from my first day back at school crashed into a 20 minute nap. Then I got up, grabbed my Nikon, and took a walk.

Truth be told, I hardly walked. I spent most of my time standing or crouched (does that count as doing squats?) as I photographed the beginning signs of autumn all around me.

I love spotting those first leaves of orange start to land on the sidewalks.

 Fruit trees everywhere. Apple tree branches so heavy their branches are resting on the ground. I want to make applesauce and apple pie!

Strange prickly seed pods, a lone plum, and a tomato harvest ripe for the pickin'. But not for me, because this was someone else's stash

Do you remember playing with "helicopter seeds" when you were a child- tossing them into the air and watching them spin as they came down?

Busy spiders and cool numbers painted on an old stone wall.......

Productive squirrels. This one started getting a little tooooooo close for comfort!

I got a glossy advertisement in the mail for Martha Stewart Living magazine. I browsed through the flyer and the marketing began to work it's magic....I wasn't sure I wanted to subscribe.....but of course they are offering a free tote bag.....

Also in the flyer was a mac n' cheese recipe. I am a sucker for good mac n' cheese! So off went the postcard for the subscription. Perhaps Martha will have some ideas for me and my fall "nesting."

I have been taking a bit of a break from All That Jazz as I got ready for back to school....but now I'm feeling inspired to find some autumn goods for our space.

Stay tuned for more on that and a giveaway, in the coming week!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Girl's Night Out"


The Centralia Downtown Association is hosting it's "Girl's Night Out" again! Come and shop all the unique vintage and antique stores this Saturday and have fun with the Girls while you do it! Just be sure you stop in and see "All That Jazz" at Painted Lady Vintage.

See, there are LOTS of goodies to be had!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How It All Began

All That Jazz Vintage Treasures is only about 6 months old! How exactly did this family adventure begin?

Both of my parents have an appreciation for antiques and I think I inherited my love of thrifting and garage saling from them.

{Fellow Jazzer, my mom Janet, with a yard sale find!}

Our whole family is creative. My Nana Billye and great-grandmother Bessie were crocheters, knitters, and quilters. Tara is an artist and has an amazing eye for display and merchandising. My mom can sew and loves to craft, as does her twin sister, my aunt Jeanette. I love photography and home decor. And of course~ we all love to shop 'til we drop!

The idea that we could turn this hobby and passion into a small business began as a tiny seed that started with a trip to the Barn House Boys flea last summer.

{Tara and I at the Barn House Flea, 2009}

We were inspired, but didn't know where to begin. We all had busy lives with full-time jobs, other hobbies,  and families.

A month later, we held a garage sale under my Nana Billye's carport. We had fun with merchandise that we knew would never sell at a garage sale because it was priced too high. But we did get a lot of compliments on our "nice stuff" and how "cute" it was displayed!

In the fall, we attended a harvest barn sale. We began to discuss the possibility of getting a booth at some flea markets. Then, I got a phone call that the family was looking to rent vendor space in a shop in historic downtown Centralia! They found a perfect little shop called The Painted Lady Vintage. The owners, Lyn and Oscar, are wonderful. I really believe that there is something for everyone in this store, from manly goods to the girliest of girlie!

We started with a teeny tiny slip of a space in the upstairs loft, then moved to a bigger space downstairs when it became available. That is how we came to be. If you are ever driving down the I-5 corridor, do stop in  Centralia. The shop is just about 5 minutes from the freeway. Both sides of Tower Avenue is lined with vintage, antique, and home decor stores.

It's an undiscovered territory!