Thursday, September 2, 2010

How It All Began

All That Jazz Vintage Treasures is only about 6 months old! How exactly did this family adventure begin?

Both of my parents have an appreciation for antiques and I think I inherited my love of thrifting and garage saling from them.

{Fellow Jazzer, my mom Janet, with a yard sale find!}

Our whole family is creative. My Nana Billye and great-grandmother Bessie were crocheters, knitters, and quilters. Tara is an artist and has an amazing eye for display and merchandising. My mom can sew and loves to craft, as does her twin sister, my aunt Jeanette. I love photography and home decor. And of course~ we all love to shop 'til we drop!

The idea that we could turn this hobby and passion into a small business began as a tiny seed that started with a trip to the Barn House Boys flea last summer.

{Tara and I at the Barn House Flea, 2009}

We were inspired, but didn't know where to begin. We all had busy lives with full-time jobs, other hobbies,  and families.

A month later, we held a garage sale under my Nana Billye's carport. We had fun with merchandise that we knew would never sell at a garage sale because it was priced too high. But we did get a lot of compliments on our "nice stuff" and how "cute" it was displayed!

In the fall, we attended a harvest barn sale. We began to discuss the possibility of getting a booth at some flea markets. Then, I got a phone call that the family was looking to rent vendor space in a shop in historic downtown Centralia! They found a perfect little shop called The Painted Lady Vintage. The owners, Lyn and Oscar, are wonderful. I really believe that there is something for everyone in this store, from manly goods to the girliest of girlie!

We started with a teeny tiny slip of a space in the upstairs loft, then moved to a bigger space downstairs when it became available. That is how we came to be. If you are ever driving down the I-5 corridor, do stop in  Centralia. The shop is just about 5 minutes from the freeway. Both sides of Tower Avenue is lined with vintage, antique, and home decor stores.

It's an undiscovered territory!



Kate said...

all of you are so darling like little magazine models. Wow the world is so beautiful in different places. I love to hear the stories of where things began. Thank you for sharing such a great post. Have a great Labor Day weekend.


Paint Girl said...

Not all of us got that creative gene! It somehow skipped over me! Wish I had just a little bit of all of your creativity!

Lissa said...

It's just the tip of the ice burg for you now! keep it going!