Monday, December 27, 2010

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Winter...


Hi Ya'll! Tara here, from The Land of Jazz! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Sadly, after Christmas all the pretty decorations must come down, so that's just what I did at the booth. I wasn't going to get another chance for a while so I figured I just better get in and "git r done!".


Four hours later. Is it just me or does it take everyone else this long to shuffle furniture, rearrange the vignettes, dust, sweep up dead dried needles and take down a fake Christmas tree? Too bad my cohort in vintage crime was too busy playing in the snow to help poor little old me. Just teasing! I actually enjoy playing in the space and moving things around. I could easily take a pass on the dusting and sweeping though.

Now I just have to take down all the Christmas decorations at home.
I'll get right on that. 

Have a terrific week and a Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

The hardest part about Christmas is putting away all of those decorations... lol! Your shop looks wonderful!
Happy New Year to you, too, Tara!
Jo :)

Paint Girl said...

You do such a good job Tara! It looks fantastic, as always!

Anonymous said...

All of your fiddling really paid off! Everything looks so inviting.

All That Jazz said...

As usual cousin your merchandising is super fabulous! Love the table! When I visit next do you want to do a tablescape? Let me know and I'll bring some goodies!!
xoxo ~michelle~

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Tara! Looking good ~ tomorrow I will be on my way to take away the holiday in my booth. I have been slowly taking away the merry and bright on the homefront during the nasty storm we had. Love to stop by for inspiration and wishing you much happiness for the new year!

Teresa said...

I'm with you - dusting and sweeping are at the bottom of my sprucing list too.
What a beautiful booth you have...all ready for winter.
Happy New Year,

Gracefully Vintage said...

I love your booth and the design, think it is so inspirational and lovely.. SUch Style-Grace
a new follower, cant wait to see what else you girls whip up-

Desert Rose said...

You put so much into it all being just perfect! Will you miss all the Christmas decorations???
You should go to the OR event...stay at the hotel!!!