Thursday, April 14, 2011

Help Me with Bedding?

Do you all know Tausha Salat over at Simply Me? Well I'm her blog's newest stalker admirer. I just adore her ability to toss together a room, creating a romantic feel that makes you want to cozy up with your favorite person, book, or pet! If I could combine Tausha's home with Maria's from Dreamy Whites, I'd have my ultimate dream home!

I love how Tausha makes this room look so comfy and lived in, and the tufted brown leather couch makes a statement with a bit of masculinity.

Speaking of the word romantic, let's think about that word for a minute. It contains the word "man." Rather ironic since most "romantic" decor tends to be more frilly in nature. I am trying to find a good balance between rustic, romantic, and peaceful for the master bedroom. I will share before photos of the project later this month. The one thing I can start with is new bedding! I am trying to find an affordable duvet and shams.

Tausha and I have been emailing about some bedding she recently featured on her blog Simply Me, which I am considering for the bedroom. It is from the Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic line, made for Target. My concern was that Farmboy would think it's too girly. Picture the following bedding with a headboard made of old barn wood behind it~

Tausha also suggested this bedding, which she used for her son's room. I LOVE it but can not find it at a Target in my area:

Farmboy reads my blog (hi handsome!) so I know he'll check out these photos and give me the thumbs up or down. Or maybe he will care less. After all, that boy can sleep anywhere! I want to mix the all-white bedding with some handmade burlap pillows of my own. This is where the "rustic masculinity" comes in to even things out.

I would also greatly appreciate your opinions on these two! You can even share other suggestions for bedding you have or seen that I might like. My only conditions are that it be white, affordable, and feature unique and somewhat unexpected details (which is what I love about the two above featured duvets.)

I want to thank dear, sweet Tausha for being so willing to help me out and let me use some of the photos from her beautiful blog. If you haven't visited her already please head over there. Trust me, make yourself some tea, grab your Dr. Pepper or Vitamin Water or whatever your drink of choice, because you'll be there a while!!



Robin said...

I think the first option would be wonderful. It would give the soft look you are craving yet used with the rustic/barnboard headboard take away some of the "fluff". I'm not even sure if the burlap pillows would be needed (but they can't hurt -LOL) it will depend on how the rest of the room is decorated (a mix of rustic/industrial and soft, vintage would look amazing)

Whatever you decide on, I'm sure it will look amazing and 100% YOU!

primjillie said...

I love Tausha's blog! It's my new obsession too. I love the all white bedding and think that the barnwood headboard would take the edge off the feminine side. I love how comfy the bed looks with all the softness and pillows. So I say go for it and show us the results!

Anonymous said...

I just told Tausha today that I was also one of her biggest stalkers...I say stalker because I simply cannot get enough of her pictures. I just want to scrap my whole house and run to Target and the florist!
I have all white and lace bedding with lots of lacey pillows ... I don't think the men really care as long as the bed is comfy! :)
I say go for as girly as possible with the linens and add barnwood and burlap. That's a great mix anyway. Make sure you show us what you choose!

I want to thank you also for the sweet comments you always leave me. xo

Kate said...

Hi Michelle
What gorgeous inspiration!!! Have you checked with other bloggers to see if their Target has the bedding? If you email me what you are looking for I can check here in So Cal and be glad to ship it to you.

Have a great day


Rachel Noelle said...

Hi Michelle~ I purchased the simply shabby chic linen colored duvet and shams that Target is currently selling and I LOVE hubb does too!;) Did you see that set?There is a blue one and a oatmeal linen one..I love the oatmeal linen color and the ruffled shams are darling. Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

she dreams big! said...

Go for the all white look Michelle! After all, aren't you the one who makes the bed? He will love anything you do, right?

A Rosy Note said...

Hi Michelle! I was thinking of the same thing that Rachel said. The linen shabby chic duvets would look really pretty. I think having the bed nice and feminine would look pretty with some more masculine things. I always love rustic and refined together :)

Btw, it looks like you switched things up a bit around here. I like it.

Hugs ♥ Tricia

Sares said...

I cannot help you. I like too many styles all at the same time too! Do you think farmboy would be more inclined to allow ruffles if you went with a pale blue comforter and added white sheets, dust ruffle, shame, etc? I've seen it on Rachel Ashwells blog and it looks just a pretty but maybe a touch more masculine because of the touch of blue. Did you try online Target? I never have much luck finding things at Target either, I was just telling another blogger who found pretty pink riffled throw pillows recently! You could also look on the main Shabby Chic blog but they're a bit more spendy.

Cousin B said...

I love the idea of these with a rustic headboard! I know you'll make it fabulous and something tells me Farmboy won't care as long as he's with you!

A Cottage Muse said...

LOVE her blog too!!!
Let me know if I can check on some bedding for you around here too!

Town and Country Gals said...

I love the photo of her living room, just the right mix! I like the idea of the linen duvet and shams with the barn wood best, you could always dress it up with ruffly pillows depending on how it looks, but of the 2 that you showed the second one is my favorite. For me, it has just enough detail to make it interesting, I like ruffles but am not a big fan of lace. Will be waiting to see the finished room! The booth you told me about sounds wondederful, whish we had something like it here! FYI, that book is $60 at Barnes and Noble but only $25 on Amazon.

Linda said...

I love all that beautiful bedding...just makes you want to curl up for a nice nap...

jan said...

Sounds wonderful! You are very talented and I know. It will be great. Love the headboard ides. Can't wait to see it. XOXO

Desert Rose said...

Try target online???