Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jazz @The Antique Fest

Yep, we had a big ole lovely pile of J*U*N*K for the antique fest.

See all this, it  belongs to All That Jazz. I can't believe we had that much cr*p to set out. None of the other vendors were interested in putting things on the sidewalk. Go figure. When we set up I was worried we were taking up too much room but it turned out it wasn't an issue. It worked out great for us!

That little white desk was one of the first things to sell from the sidewalk.  
It was bought for a little 7 year old girl.

Michelle brought  a lot of really neat  "vintage" rusty iron pieces from the ranch.

We had rust in abundance but didn't seem to have many buyers interested in purchasing said rust.

I didn't sell a single buoy. I had to haul half of them back home. 
I may have to chuck them in the ocean.

Michelle brought these from the ranch too. Aren't they cool! She sold one!

I sold these two end tables about a half an hour before I went to move the stuff indoors. Hallelujah!!! I was so worried I was going to have to haul these home and store them again because there is no room in the booth at the moment. Crisis averted. The tall green table at the far right (with the basket on it) sold the first night along with...


Our mannequin mascot we had when we first started All That Jazz. She'd been floating around a while and I decided it was time for her to find a new home.

We had a pretty good weekend although the crowds were a lot smaller this year than last year. I'm not sure if it's due to the economy or the fact that there was a bigger antique show an hour and a half south of us.

It was still worth the effort and I had fun with Michelle. This will be our last "Jazz" event together since she's bailing on me at the end of the month. She's moved on to greener pastures! Hence the new look to the Jazz blog. She said she was done posting for the most part so I made preparations for a makeover. I tend to like things a bit "fancier" than our girl Michelle. I also like to change things with the season, so be prepared!
I'm so happy for Michelle though and she will let us all know when she gets her Etsy shop running. I've seen some ides she has and they're cool!

Stay tuned for the next post when I'll share some pictures from other vendors at the antique fest.

Have a great one!



Paint Girl said...

I loved that desk, that is one lucky little girl that got it!
Looks like it was a good sale. Love the new look!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Hi Tara it looks great, your blog makeover! ;-) I hope to get some photos of my new creations in the next month to share over here.
It was a fun weekend even though it wasn't that busy, I had fun shopping and hanging out in the flea market scene, I never seem to tire of treasure hunting!

The Cranky Queen said...

Tara, Good luck with your new solo adventure! I would have bought some of those buoys, because our lake home clients love to decorate with them down here in Alabama! The mannequin is awesome. Visit my palace sometimes and check out older post too! tiffany

A Cottage Muse said...

Liking your new look! I see some great treasures I would have scooped up!