Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A View of All That Jazz and an Update

All That Jazz keeps plucking on. After a couple slower months over the winter things are beginning to pick up as people come out of hibernation.

One major change to tell you about, as of a few weeks ago I am officially the sole proprietor of All That Jazz. When we started nearly 2 years ago, there were 5 of us, my Cousin Michelle, my Nana, my Aunt, my Mom and myself.

Michelle and my Nana left last Summer and I my Aunt and Mom decided they didn't want to be involved anymore after the first of the year. I've actually been running 95% of our part of Jazz for the last year and a half anyway so it won't be that big of a change and I'm sure my Mom and Aunt will want to help out occasionally with some of the funner decoration/shopping bits., hopefully! It's more fun when you have someone to play with.

I took a few smaller pieces in last weekend but am feeling that old urge to really
 move things around again. Possibly in a big way, really do some Spring cleaning!
I am also planning a giveaway in honor of the 2nd Anniversary of All That Jazz, so stay tuned.

Hope you're all having a terrific week!



Town and Country Gals said...

your space looks amazing, you've got some great stuff, but then you always do! My space is pretty empty right now, have been having a hard time finding furniture pieces. Hopefully yard sales will be starting soon and I can stock up. Being on your own will be ok but you're right, it is more fun with someone else, I've been both routes and both were good in their own ways.

C. JoyBell C. said...

I congratulate you on now being the official sole proprietor of All That Jazz! :) :)

I have a store now too, it's on zazzle. I would love if you could visit sometime, too! It really makes me happy! :) Remember I told you I want a store to sell things in? :) Well, I have my store now! Although it's online, maybe one day I can put up a brick-and-mortar store, too. :)

hugs <3

Connie said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your lovely blog, and I'm so glad that I found you. We have a lot in common. I absolutely love to find a yard sale,thrift store, etc. item and turn it around into a can't live without treasure. There is the fun of the hunt, but even better, the process of the transformation. I do not have a shop, I just do this for myself and friends and family, but your shop is so charming. I am sure that you have many wonderful fans, and you can add me to your list. I am your newest follower. Please accept my warm invitation to visit and to hopefully follow me too. Connie :)

busanalayali said...

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Marsha said...

Love it all! :)

Victorian1885 said...

Your space looks great! Have a great weekend!

arrielle_p said...

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