Thursday, August 30, 2012

The UPS Truck

Does anyone else get as excited as I do when you are expecting a package and you hear the UPS truck rolling down the road?  So WHAT was in the box exactly?

Cece Caldwell Paint and wax! Yipee! I have been mainly working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the last year and still love it but I am curious to try this paint line.  It's completely non toxic and made entirely from plant based and natural materials. So it will be nice and healthy to work around, live with and very friendly to the environment.

Next week I have two more packages get excited about. More Annie Sloan, I need to restock to finish current projects and a delivery of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. I can't WAIT to try that! Hopefully it won't be a disaster, I have read it can be tricky. Fun times!

Oh yeah, do you want a peek at the buffet I got at a garage sale last weekend?

Whatcha think?

I'm waiting on that paint delivery I mentioned to finish this and a dining table/4 chair set I am painting to match, although they won't necessarily have to be sold together.  So she will sit for a bit and I will be getting to work on a couple Cece Caldwell pieces!

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Desert Rose said...

Hmmmm...I am interested in that slate color, i have some projects to talk to you about :)))

Rockin Heart Jewelry and Vintage Finds said...

Gorgeous! You are so in the "in" of paints now, girlie, and what you do with them is amazing! Love your new header!

Sandi said...

I can understand you getting excited about a delivery of paints ... epecially when you know exactly what to do with them! Your makeovers just keep getting better and better everytime I visit ... love it all!

Jacqueline said...

I think back on the day you opened this booth and look how far you have come. I never imagined you would turn into the furniture paint and take Queen!
Love to you Sares!