Thursday, March 14, 2013

Out of Africa With Some Zebra Stripes!

I spent the last several weeks, yes WEEKS, working on this zebra dining room table
and chair set. About a week in a customer got wind of what I was doing and wanted it! 
She didn't need it right away so that gave me some time to get everything done and not 
be rushed. It normally doesn't take me weeks to do a project!

The  customer got to chose the image for her chairs. She actually chose two. 
A crown for two of the chairs...

...and she wanted a fleur de lis with some french script on the other two. 
The image I used has a crown as well so it tied back to the crown on the other chairs.

Last night the table and chairs went to the shop so the customer 
could pick them up from there.

Love those zebra stripes!


Mimi@blueroofcabin said...

Love those Zebra tables. The chairs look fabulous too! You are one talented girl ;)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Amazing work! My table would look like a child's paint by number. Your sales must reflect your mighty talent! Congrats!

Connie said...

Hello Tara, I just found your blog . . . and what a lovely shop you have. I live in Central Washington. If I ever get over your way, I will be sure to make a point of dropping into your shop. You have many wonderful items and it is easy to see that your shop is filled with love and caring about each display. I am your newest follwer, and I would be honored if you would decide to follow me back. At the moment my husband and I are restoring an old wooden sailboat. We named her Gypsy Rose and she is small but a little beauty.
Have a lovely day.
Your new blogging sister,
Connie :)