Monday, November 15, 2010

They Call Me The "Scarf Girl"

From October to March, you can rarely find me without a scarf around my neck. I am kind of a scarf hoarder. I love scarves for their obvious purpose~ keeping my neck warm and toasty!  I also love them for their style, colors, the way they can change up your whole look.

My Nana Billye has hand-knit and crocheted goodies in our All That Jazz Vintage space, including a new collection of scarves. I recently became the owner of the multi-colored one I am wearing in the photo above. At first I coveted this cream scarf.......

It's lovely, isn't it? 

Then my sister kindly reminded me that everything I have is black, brown, gray or cream! So I opted for the multi-colored one. The colors feel bold and wintry and will brighten up any outfit!

My Nana also has baby blankets (flannel, knit, crocheted, quilted), sweaters and hoodies, slippers, little hats, and more handmade treasures available in our space. You don't find handmade children's wares that often anymore, it is truly a lost art! And our prices on these items are amazing! (I paid under $10 for my scarf and nope~ there wasn't a family discount!)

Have a warm and cozy Monday~!!



Robyn said...

OH how lucky you are to have Nana Billye working her magic! I love your pop of color scarf, you look gorgeous! Hey, if you haven't already done it, stop by little blue deer for my Scentsy giveaway, it's a good one!

Polly said...

Michelle, I think we were separated at birth or something! I love scarves, I only wear black, cream and gray and those are just two similarities from this one post! I remember several other tidbits in other posts that we share in common!! :-)

My Nana is very talented and I love that she is part of your booth venture!! Beautiful knitting!!

Happy Monday!!



Tara said...

I'm thinking I need to place a special order with Nana. I found a scarf I like online the other day!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~I LOVE scarves too!! Great pic of you Michelle!! Hugs, Rachel ;) ~*~*

Anonymous said...

I need more scarves to keep me warm. I only wear neutrals as well for the most part. I should branch out!

Desert Rose said...

Yes...Nana is an artist with her knitting!!! I really love the cream one ;) I think her prices are way too low!!! Just bought a baby afgan & sweater for my girlfriends new grandbaby!!!