Saturday, March 19, 2011

All That Jazz...An Anniversary, An Evolution

"Post by Tara"

Today was the one year anniversary of All That Jazz. We opened our booth for business this time last year. We started off in the same shop we are in now, The Painted Lady Vintage. We were tucked upstairs in a corner half the size of what we have now. It was half the price too!

It took us 5 hours to unpack all our boxes and set up for business. We had A LOT of smalls. We were worried we wouldn't have enough product to fill the shelves but we managed to stuff it to the gills!

I told you we had a lot of smalls! Most of these things have all sold by now. I can spot about 10 things that seem to be hanging around still. It's fun to look back and see what has sold. That's why I take tons of pictures. It's a great way for me to see what's sold. I'm a visual person so it's easier to tell from a picture what merchandise has gone out the door and our tags aren't always descriptive enough to tell us what an item is months down the road.

When we started we had several "display only" pieces too. Like the mannequin and the door and turquoise picture frame above. That has changed. Now if it's in the booth, it's pretty much for sale or don't put it in.
We were only in this space a month when a spot opened up downstairs and it was offered to us. We hesitated slightly because we didn't have any large display pieces but the shop owner offered to let us use some from the shop and we were off and running.

Downstairs! Things came downstairs much faster than they went up, let me tell you! All the furniture is borrowed except for the rocking chair and the bench. We started setting up at 10:00 and had to hurry because Girl's Night Out Started at 4:00. We made it with half an hour to spare.










One Year Later
What a RIDE it's been!
Happy 1st Anniversary All That Jazz!!!



Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Beautiful in every season! Happy Anniversary~!

June said...

Congratulations girls on a great year. SO fun to see how things have gone over the season's. I think it's great that you take regular pictures of your space. When my daughter had her store, I loved that she took alot of photos, because I wasn't able to get to Boise much to see the changes in person. But then again, it was hard to see all the great stuff I missed ut on as well. LOL!
here's to another great year!!!

All That Jazz said...

Hard to believe it's been a year! Happy anniversary to us! I love the pictures.....we sure started out with a lot of little things (and more frilly) but have evolved. What I love is that between all of us we are still eclectic and interesting! I really like the way the space looked in the "late winter 2011" picture!!
Believe it or not, I can't wait to switch it all up again soon! I have LOTS of new fun things to bring in and even more if I get my projects done!! ;-)

le@thirdontheright said...

wow that was so great to see how your shop as elvolved ! many congrats and heres to another fab year - best le xox

Polly said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!! Isn't it fun? I loved seeing all your looks over the last 12 months! Keep up all the good work!! You girls rock!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's wonderful to see how things have changed but still looking lovely! I wish you were closer...I see several things I would take home with me today. Looking at how you have things displayed in very inspirational ~ happy sunday!

Prior said...

It was fun looking at your booth evolution, great merchandise! Lezlee

Rozmeen said...

Happy anniversary!! Looks great.

Wish I could shop there...

Wishing you a lovely week.

Honeycomb Creative Co. said...

...sigh... i wish i lived near you so i could shop there! such a cute space! you guys always do an awesome job!
sorry i'm just now getting around to comment... i'm seriously the worst commenter ever but i do read everything always : )