Friday, March 25, 2011

Are You a Rachel or a Phoebe?

I was in Pottery Barn recently.  Do you remember Phoebe from that episode of Friends, where she disses PB so Rachel lies and says the apothecary table she bought is antique, along with many subsequent purchases that Phoebe falls in love with- not realizing Rachel is outfitting their whole apartment with Pottery Barn!?

Although I kind of hate to admit it, I do love the Pottery Barn. Despite my addiction to all things vintage, thrifty, and antique, when I walk into that store I always find a plethora of things I covet. They really have a pulse on what is hot right now. Their collection of white faux coral and sea shells and frosted beach glass bottles is lovely. And in their defense, they do carry old things from time to time. For example, these found wove wine bottles are actually vintage (on sale they range from $99-279.00)

They have many other "found" treasures. Wouldn't it be fun to do that for a living? Be the "finder" for Pottery Barn's limited quantity vintage goods? Are ya hiring Pottery Barn? I'll get you my resume pronto!

I saw this bedding on display in the store and fell in love. I love crisp white beds with mountains of ruffles and textures. I know it can be a bit girly, but it is also romantic and peaceful, reminding me of a vacation someplace beachy.

I think the shelf above the bed is perfectly chippy and the display on it is quite nice.

 Except I have a phobia of things on the wall above my bed. I would worry they would fall on me in the middle of the night! And living in the Pacific Northwest where we have the possibility of an earthquake, I suppose that fear could be real!

I didn't see these tumblers in the store or I probably would have bought them at $36 for a set of 6. I love that the colors are varied, if you got a of couple sets you'd have blue and green beach tones for spring and summer table settings, and the red and yellow for autumn and winter settings!

Another favorite find was this drink caddy. Pottery barn took the words right out of my mouth, "With its silvery surface, riveted construction and utilitarian origin, our Galvanized Metal Collection is perfect for entertaining with farmhouse style." It was fairly priced and I almost scooped it up!

So, are you a Rachel or a Phoebe? Is Pottery Barn your thing, or no?

Happy weekend to you all! I will be back next week with our giveaway post~ we have some fun
goodies for you!!

Perhaps including something from Pottery Barn, too????



Anonymous said...

I am definitely a Rachel!! I looove Pottery Barn!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Love it! When we built our farmhouse, we found ways to save on some things so we could have a little bit of PB in every room. My favorite ~ the Edison chandelier that hangs in my dining room.

Gotta get those tumblers!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Oh I am so a Rachel (without the Rachel haircut!) Walking into their store is always an inspirational experience. They have a keen eye for knowing what is on everyone's "want" list.
*Like that bedroom above you posted above... *sigh*

Can you imagine if your job title was "Vintage Finder". I would sooo love to be that person ;) It even sounds cool!


ps - i think i missed those glasses too!

Lara said...

Well.. I will and always have been a "Monica" ;) How funny you posted this because I just received my very first PB shipment in today. :) And yes I saw that dreamy new white ruffly bedding.. oh my.. I want that. I like how you wrote that they have a pulse on all that is hot right now.. I have always thought that. I think they have employees that blog hop & scan the flea markets. ;)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love PB but love to find the same or similar things at better prices. Although I will break down now and then and shop directly from them!

The demi john....wicker covered bottles...can be found in our shop for $35!!

Suzann said...

I'm absolutely Rachel. In fact, I have that beverage holder and well, lots of PB in my house. In fact, that bedroom photo is on my blog for my upcoming bedroom change.
I drool over the catalogues and always have one just to look at and one that is highlighted and covered in sticky notes with ideas and dreams.

Tara said...

I love those tumblers too. I am so a Rachel. Phoebe was a ditz! Is that mean? Sorry, that character always irritated me. That mantle is my favorite piece but I would never put it over my bed either. These Pottery Barn people have scouts out scavenging for things WE should be finding!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the land of dixie! I am a new follower of yours via Funky Junk Show blog. Cute blog on PB...I too like PB and I am in love with those wicker bottles (they have a name for them, I just cant remember what it is...I hate when I do that~)Please visit me at my blog The Cranky Queen, Thanx for sharing,,,Tiff

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

We love Pottery Barn! Its always fun to walk through and see whats new for the season...they are always spot on!

XO Glad & Celia

Fishtail Cottage said...

Thanks for commenting & coming by to say hello! Wanted to let you know that I host a garden party on Thursday’s & also currently hosting a giveaway!
Xoox, Tracie