Monday, March 14, 2011

Crepes, Sea Shells, and Burlap!

I haven't shared any of my adventures with Farmboy in a while. This weekend we thought it would be fun to take his daughter on a ferry boat ride.

The weather was less agreeable but the rain let up around the time we walked on (instead of driving a car across) the ferry. Or I should say ran. We parked the car just as the ferry was about to depart and we literally ran the whole way through the passenger loading area and just barely made the gate!

I'm a bit of a ferry riding expert. I grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula, and had to ride a ferry to get to college. I forget that many people have never even been on a ferry!

Once we were on the other side, my first must-stop was for coffee. Farmboy's daughter snagged us comfy chairs near a fireplace while I went to order my mocha. I have a funny story about this coffee shop which I will share later in this post.

After coffee we hit a gift shop. I found these lavender dryer sachets. I have been wanting to make some of these for myself, but honestly, for the great price on these 3 it was easier to buy them! These smell divine and I can't wait to use them next time I do laundry.

Next stop was a walk on the beach. Ah, the familiar tangy decaying smell of the Pacific Northwest beach! The sun was actually trying to make an appearance at this point.

There was a sign warning us to watch for seals on the beach, but I don't think it was seal season. If they are smart they might be wintering someplace warmer!

We walked along looking for small pieces of beach glasses and shells. We saw many pieces of cobalt blue and green glass that weren't "ready" yet.

What is Farmboy so kindly holding under his arm for me?

Well, that is where the coffee shop story comes in. As the barista was making my coffee, I noticed a stack of burlap bags sitting near the back of the shop. I asked her if they ever sell them. She said, oh, you can just have them. They get their beans in large burlap bags and go through about three a week. So like any craft loving junky, of course I snagged those burlap sacks! She didn't have a bag for me to put them in. Luckily the nice guy at the gift shop next door gave us one of his garbage bags, but it was a bit small. Since we walked across the ferry and didn't have a car to put them in we had to haul them to the beach with us. Getting back onto the boat juggling two paper plates of crepes, an awkward bag of burlap sacks, a cup of sea shells and a 4 year old was quite entertaining! I will be making pillows for the shop out of these bags, so if you end up purchasing one just know it went on a grand adventure before it became a pillow!

After the beach jaunt we could see our ferry returning across the sound so we walked back up to town to visit this place before departing.

It has been years since I've had a proper crepe and let me tell you, it won't be years until my next one!

I was disappointed to see this display empty~

The sign at the top reads, "Fresh Cut Lavender $6." I imagine they have fresh lavender bundles in the summer. We took our crepes onto the ferry ride home to eat.

Truly, it was much better than this picture shows. I love the plain crepes with just lemon and powdered sugar!!

Farmboy's daughter organizing her beach finds. Do you remember collecting shells when you were little? I still have some beach glass from when I was a child.

I have to admit that riding the ferry and walking on a beach did make me think about Japan this weekend, and the power of water and mother nature. My heart goes out to the people of Japan right now and to any readers who might be worried about loved ones. The time right after a natural disaster, when there are so many unknowns about the whereabouts of friends and family, has to be the hardest. 

On the way home, Farmboy was kind enough to indulge my need to stop in and browse at an antique mall. Interestingly there was a live auction going on! I have never witnessed one but did watch for a few minutes. Although a little intimidating I decided this is something I would like to try to participate in in the future, to find merchandise for our Jazz shop space.

One last thing~ I'm sorry to share that the goodies I shared in THIS post did not make it to the shop this weekend. The first of April will be my next haul for new merchandise.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



Kate said...

I had a few moments to stop by your beautiful corner of the world. What a great adventure and the burlap score. So nice to see what you have been up to. Have a beautiful week!


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful time Michelle!!:)Love the burlap story~ Cant wait to meet up for coffee and ruffles and rust square soon! Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Polly said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!! Have a good week!


Paint Girl said...

Looks fun, good thing the rain held out for a bit..not so here, yucky all day. Terribly windy too.
I remember going to the beach as kids and looking for seashells, kinda miss those days.

Simple Home said...

Of course you know that everyone in blogland is now going to be visiting their favorite coffee houses to see if there are burlap bags available :-)
Sounds like a wonderful day!

All That Jazz said...

{Marcia}~ I didn't even realize that some coffeehouses even actually got their beans in burlap bags! ;-) She's just lucky I didn't ask her to empty the bag leaning up against the wall that was half full of beans so I could have that one too, LOL!

Tara said...

It looks like you had a fun day. The beach looks so cold! Why is it we only have 2 months of decent beach weather around here! Funny about the bags. I found some for sale online at fabulous prices this weekend, but by the time you pay shipping and handling (over $30) it's not such a great deal! So the search continues. You lucked out! I want to plant masses of lavender this spring so I can use it for projects. Plus it just smells so good. It's my favorite thing to water in the summer because of the smell. Those crepes look yummy too!

Rozmeen said...

Looks like you had a great time :-)

Wishing you a lovely day,

Cousin B said...

SCORE!!!! Looks like fun. I may have to watch for those Burlap pillows....I think I'd like one of those.

Desert Rose said...

How fun to see the beach through a childs eyes again! lokking foard to your trip down!!!