Saturday, August 14, 2010

Burlap In Paris

To go along with Michelle's pillows, I've been working on some of my own burlap pieces. For a while now I have been trying to figure out what to do with this old window frame. We want to start changing gears for the Fall Season at "All That Jazz" and burlap will be a great look. I did a few pieces with burlap last Spring and they sold really well, so I am hopeful these new pieces will sell quickly.

I stamped out Paris France using stencils and a small ink pad that easily fit in the letters. Then came the difficult part. For me anyway. Gluing the burlap to the frame. Now you would think this would be easy and it did go quickly at the start. Then I went back to double check that it was centered and that's where it all fell apart. I had it WAY off. France was at the very bottom of the frame. Shoot. Have you even tried to pick glue off burlap? Not fun. I finally got it off and it all worked out. Things are not EXACTLY centered, but close enough. It's a learning curve right?!

I thought it turned out really fun and might do a couple more since there are two more old window frames stashed in the back of the shed.  I do have a question for YOU. Can anyone give me any tips for printing images out from the computer? I have been trying to figure this out for weeks now and did manage to get some things printed on burlap, but I have to use really small pieces of fabric/burlap or it gets stuck in the printer. I know you can use iron on images, but I don't know where to find them. Help, anyone? I would REALLY appreciate it!

Stay tuned for the next post. I think Michelle has plans for a "Where it all began". How we got started with this whole junking, creating jazzy FUN!


Kate said...

so amazing, I love it and the creativity. Its so wonderful to meet new bloggers and see all of the incredible talent that is out there. Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet note. Have a terrific weekend


Marydon said...

G'day Tara ~ What a lovely creation. I just did about 2 Pink Saturday's ago a new idea with old window frames & everyone love them. Hadn't thought of your idea but it is a great one.

Have a wonderful PS summer weekend ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Polly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I would totally buy it!! Great idea!!



seabold vintage market said...

LOVE what both you and Michelle are doing!! It all looks great!!! The window frame is very cool!! :)

I have found that I love my staple gun for projects like this!!

hope you are having a wonderful summer!! . . . :) liz

* French at Heart * said...

I LOVE your burlap window frame! It is beautiful~ Glad to find your blog too..Im also from Washington~ Blessings, Rachel :)