Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Found Goodies

 A couple months ago, I walked into a local thrift shop on a busy Saturday afternoon and found these darling topiaries for $3 each. I couldn't believe nobody had snatched them up yet. I was so excited!

I wasn't crazy about the spray-painted plastic faux clay pots. But I hadn't done anything with them yet.
From a thrift shop today I brought home a chippy white metal pail....and set the topiary inside.

Voila! It's just what I was looking for.

I've had these birch candle holders out since last winter.

I love their lodgey, cozy look. They went well with the pine cones that decorated every square foot of my place over the holidays. I had so many pine cones it's possible I could have been turned into the National Forestry Service for being a pine cone hoarder. If there was such a thing.

While out treasure hunting for All That Jazz Vintage, I keep finding cream shabby candle holders. I had one of these in our space but pulled it out and took it home for myself so that I'd have three mismatched pieces.

I kept the brown embossed leaf candles on them for now, even though they are fall-ish and a little big for these holders. I have never burned them, but I love the texture and color of the candles.

It's so fun when found goodies help a home "come together!"



Paint Girl said...

Seriously, when I can afford it, you and mom will come here and redecorate my house!

All That Jazz said...

{Paint Girl}~ With vintage finds you WILL be able to afford it! We can take you treasure hunting one weekend!! xo ~michelle

Leann said...

Yep, it'll take awhile to get used to you being Tara,

Best of luck to all of you wonderful ladies!

Sares said...

Love those candle holders. The bark ones and the shabby ones! I didn't realize you had so many of the bark ones. I wish that store was still in business!