Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catching Up

It has been a very wet weekend here in the Pacific Northwest. I was feeling under the weather with my first cold of the season. So I think. Who knows with me- it could have been allergies or a migraine. I spent most of my weekend camped on the couch watching episodes of "The Event" and "Mad Men" On Demand.

One highlight of my weekend was that I received my necklace from Kristy at Sosobella Designs in the mail! I won the necklace from Robyn's giveaway on her blog Whimages.

Technically, I think the necklace was for a young girl, but I don't have children so I just had it made with my initial and my birthstone crystal, an amethyst.

I love it! You can head over to Sosobella Designs to see more of their amazing collection of jewelry!

Speaking of giveaways, fabulous Polly from Sassafrass Stuff won our giveaway a few weeks ago. Polly, your gift is finally on it's way, thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy the pillow and vase!

I'm dog sitting for Abbie, a 14 year old black lab. I've known her for 12 of her 14 years.

Abbie had cancer several years ago and although very healthy now, she is physically showing her age. So we go on really short walks now. Sunday afternoon there was a break in the rain and we got out to see and smell the damp signs of fall.

There is a pear tree in Abbie's front yard.

Most of the ones that end up on the ground are quickly mushy and full of brown wormy holes. I am trying to decide what to do with the pears. I hope to pick a few that I can reach from the tree to bake a treat.

Any recommendations?

It felt great to get out for fresh air, but then I was ready for a nap!

I just love lazy weekends.

I hope you all had good ones!



* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*Hope your cold is getting better Michelle!! I had one this past week too!! Love your new necklace it is so cute~*Hugs,Rachel~*~

Polly said...

Hi Michelle! I hope this note finds you feeling better today! Maybe your restful weekend helped get rid of that bug! I had it bad, and I'm on day 13 now.....feeling so much better....just a little residual cough. Those darn cold viruses are stinkers!!

Your M necklace is soooo cute! I'll have to pop over there!

Thanks again for having your giveaway! The packaging looks dreamy! And so me! I love lavender!! And the sparkly still my heart....I love glitter!! You are so sweet!
Can't wait!!

Have a great week Michelle!!



Air Kiss said...

Oooohh such great pictures!! Your shop looks iresitable, too! Now I want a fresh pear. ;))
Hug -- Lara

Air Kiss said...

ireSITable??? Ugh! :/ I mean irresistable.. hee hee!!

Sares said...

Ah, you got to see Abbie! Do you feel like an Auntie to some of these animals you have been with for years?
Cute necklace, I know how you love things with initials. Hope you are feeling much much better. I am off to Nana's in a bit to have beans and homemade biscuits for dinner. Auntie J and Cousin B are in town until wed. to ride the ponies.

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Hi Michelle! Hope your cold is getting better. I've had one too for what seems like forever...ugh. Love your necklace..very pretty. Thanks for coming by my blog :)

Lissa said...

sorry you were feeling under the weather! Love the necklace! super cute! The event is on tonight! I'm into it!