Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Harvest, Part One


We had a whirlwind of a Saturday!

We met up at 9:45 and hit Starbucks for some fuel (thank you auntie Jeanette for the pumpkin spice latte and apple bran muffin!)

Then we set off for the giant garage sale. It was held at the fairgrounds. For a 1.00 entry fee, you got 8 buildings full, and I say FULL, of stuff! Antiques, primitive home, junk, housewares, more junk, crafts.....you name it, you probably could have found it there!

Tara scored this cute little white magazine rack. I think my mom had one similar to this, in a dark stain, when I was a kid.

My aunt is clutching her score of the day, a gorgeous cowhide rug. It was probably a 1/3 of the price it should have been.

Inside the buildings and barns, we shopped 'til we dropped. It was a matter of divide and conquer. At one booth I found a little faux cast iron urn sitting on a chair. I asked the woman how much it was and she told me that another gal was already getting it and would be right back for it. I kept looking around at other items in her booth and the woman said again, "I don't know where she is, she should be back soon." Then here she came- and it was Tara! That stinker! Like minds.......she also scooped up some great vintage glass Christmas balls at that booth as well.

Loading our treasures into the truck......we became quite proficient with a hand-truck. This industrial metal stand on wheels sold the minute we got it into the door of the shop!

That white chippy box? I bought two of them (they are bottomless) from a bee keeper and his son. I'm going to use them for display in All That Jazz Vintage.


After getting lunch, we hit two harvest sales. The first one was Pole Barn Primitives.

These ladies are only open 4 times a year and have the greatest things! Lots of rusty and chippy metals and woods.

I love old pails and water troughs!


I bought a white pumpkin and fall colored mums for my patio.

Tara bought this cute white table.

Love the patina on this old chair! The berries are fun, too.

The next stop was a similar harvest sale ran out of someone's home, The Country Shed. I did not take any pictures there but I got a great industrial white 3-shelved cart on wheels, gently rusted on the top, for $10! I am going to try to fit it someplace in my apartment.

After we left that harvest sale, our marathon day continued- we headed to the shop to unload and price our new treasures. Next time, I'll share photos of how it all turned out!!



Polly said...

Oh my goodness! This looks like great fun!!! Michelle, you are just adorable!! I'm so glad you girls found lots of great stuff!

Lolo said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for poppin in and saying hi :)
I guess your fuel for a junkin day is the same as mine - I too had a punkin spice latte and an apple bran muffin on Saturday before I hit the Vintage Barn sale in Nipomo!! Great minds think alike - hehe
Looks like you gals had a grand ol' time - love the mums in the metal tub :D

Lissa said...

now that's a great day!

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*what a wonderful time you had!! ;) LoVe your chippy shabby white boxes!!!! Hugs,Rachel ;)~*~*~*~

Kate said...

What a ball you girls must have had!!! I can't get over all of the eye candy. Just Divine, great post. Have a wonderful week.


Desert Rose said...

Sounds like such a fun day with family!!! hate to miss these kinds of days...:(