Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jazzin' It Up For Autumn!

I was so excited to add some fall goodies to the shop this weekend! I have been working hard on collecting and hand-crafting items that I think reflect the rustic elegance and country vibe of fall.

First, I have to tell you- I went to the farmer's market the other day and bought the most beautiful bouquets of flowers~ for $5 each! I had the vendor put together one grouping of just orange-colored dahlias. I've been seeing dahlias around the blogs and they are my new fave flower.

I moved the topiary off this little table and replaced it with a cork vase filled with orange dahlias on it....I love the pop of color with the green!

Aren't the colors on these flowers just YUMMY?

Oh goodness, what a difference flowers make! I put a few stems in the bathroom (sorry I didn't move my bathroom stuff when I took this photo.) Getting up and ready at 6:15 a.m. isn't so bad when I face fresh flowers in the morning!

I'm going to have to make fresh flowers a more frequent must-do for myself!

Okay, on to the goods!

My collection of treasures for the shop just end up piled up in my place until I can get them cleaned, painted, embellished, and tagged and priced.

Old book and basket......colorful faux foliage (hey, it doesn't make a mess!)

This little black table is tiny but soooooo adorable, I loved the details! I almost had to keep it for myself, but don't have a perfect place for it.

Framed bling crown....

 Three-bottle bud vase bound by galvanized metal....with twigs.

I did the burlap BOO signs in black and white. No that is not a ghostly apparition on the glass, just a reflection. Maybe............

I did a few with autumn quotes and pictures of black cats, too.

Saturday was SO busy but also so much fun......can't wait to catch you in my next post once I get the pictures downloaded. I hope you had a happy weekend!



Lissa said...

LOVE the dahlias! Your home looks lovely!

Kate said...

the dahlias are so perfect for your fall vignettes. Great photos perfect welcome to fall. I love the inspiration. Have a wonderful week.

Sares said...

I have always loved dahlias too. Nana and my Grandma both used to have them in their gardens. The colors you chose are so pretty. I recognize most of the goodies you brought down, except the vase. Did you keep that? Maybe you pulled it out after I left. It's cool!

Lolo said...

I adore hubby would love it if i got some orange ones :) Maybe I will buy him some flowers for our anniversary on Wed!! Love all the splash of color the orange gives to your home....very autumny(is that a word?!) And of course burlap - I think my love affair with it will never end!

Paint Girl said...

I love the black table!! I probably could find a use for it!!