Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Surprise in the Mail and I Need Your Help!

I got my  mail the other day and saw a purple envelope with a return address that looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it.

I was very curious and anxiously opened it to discover this beautiful card~

Inside was the sweetest thank you sentiment from Polly at Sassafras Stuff.

And this~

A little wrapped trinket!

I eagerly opened it to discover the neatest little french flash card with an old key.

La mer is french for "the sea."

How precious! I had just the perfect place for it. On one of my end tables I keep a faux antler bowl full of shells, sand dollars, and other special treasures I've collected from when my family lived on the Washington coast.

It looks perfect there.

Merci, dear Polly! I have never gotten a surprise from a blogger friend in the mail, it truly made my day!

On another note, I have a quick question. I got these old Syroco Wood gold shelves at a yard sale last summer. I've been wanting to do something with them, I was thinking I should paint them. I wanted to paint them a creamy white, or a black, and distress them. Now I wonder if they'd be better left gold for the holidays.

Help! What would you do with them?



Sares said...

Are they wood? Isn't it funny the things we hold on to until inspiration strikes. What about painting the white and adding some sort of metallic silver glaze to the cracks? I don;t know if you want to put out the $ though. However if they are wood you can ask for more than if they were plastic.

My only concern about leaving them gold is that things tend to not sell really well in our booth when they are gold. They hang around for a while and don't sell for as much. I am not sure if that is the case with Xmas coming up or
not. Maybe people will be looking for gold. They're cool shelves!

Sares said...

I just read my comment and the amount of typos is atrocious!

Kate said...

Hi Michelle
Polly is one wonderful gal!!! Perfect gift for you lovely display. About your shelves I would paint them. I love to paint gold items black them go over with the light white or creamy color then distress the curves. I think also the bold black or even silver someone would love.


* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*POLLY is such a doll!!! You are so lucky to get such a surprise!! I would paint the shelves like a creamy white and distress them~*~* Hugs, Rachel ;)~*~*

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Hi Michelle! I would paint them white and then distress them a bit...that's just me though. Polly is such a sweetie :)

Firefly Hill said...

I would paint them white too! I have a tendency to paint everything white though...ha ha! I hope you have a great weekend!



Polly said...

Hi Michelle! So glad you like it! It looks wonderful in your bowl of shells!! Just noticed on the card that I put "this" twice! Duh!! Turning 40 is making me do weird things!! :-)

On your Syroco pieces.....I would paint them! Whenever I try to sell them in the gold, they just sit and sit. But, once painted and styled, they usually go pretty quickly!! Although I do get what you're saying about gold for the holidays!! I have been thinking along those same lines for this holiday season....leaving things gold instead of painting them. I think an all gold, silver and white vintage booth would be gorgeous!!! Those little shelves are very cute by the way!! They would even be fun painted in some bright color!!

Hope you have a great weekend Michelle!!



All That Jazz said...

{Polly}~I didn't even notice the "this" twice!! Too funny, it's like those tests that purposefully put two of the same words together to show how the brain only sees the word once...LOL! ;-)

Desert Rose said...

I would paint them RED and distress them, but you know me...;)

Lolo said...

Hi Michelle :)
What a sweet surprise! I think the french vocab card looks perfect in your "sea bowl".
As for the shelves...I like Kate's idea. Black, then white, then distressing. They will really pop that way!
Happy Friday by the way!!

Lissa said...

that is so sweet about the la mer card! and I adore where you put it!