Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Harvest, Part Two

After we finished our day of garage-saling and fall-harvesting, we got everything unloaded and into the shop. We discovered that we had to do some major re-arrangin'! Funny how you think you're just going to "drop some things off".....nope! Always ends up being almost a major re-do to fit merchandise in!

Here are some pictures of how our vendor space looked after almost two hours of work (and we worked minus lattes- crazy!) last Saturday.

The industrial cart that sold the minute we wheeled it into the door....


Tara made these darling burlap pillows tied with pinecones and twine.....
 Orange lights entwined a branch on the latice

The other table Tara purchased, decked out with goods!

I am in love with this scale! Tara found it at the giant garage sale. I really wanted to buy it from her but just don't have the room in my kitchen and I don't really need it......

Seriously, I cringe every time I look at this photo! Nope, I am not a fan of spiders!

I don't think that crow is, either!

Old wooden cabinet drawers finding a new purpose.

 Old transfer ware just feels like fall!

 This turkey plate would be perfect for Thanksgiving!

  I love using leaves and sticks in our displays....
The scale again. I'm obsessed!  I love that it is from Montgomery Ward. I remember looking at that catalog when I was a little girl!  

I don't need it. 
I don't need it.
I don't need it!

 But I want it.

The spider and leaf garlands hang for now....but in a few more weeks, we'll be thinking about changing up All That Jazz for the holidays!! Hard to believe....

Have a fall~bulous week, friends!!



Polly said...

The space looks great Michelle! Such pretty things and an eclectic colorful mix! My favorite kind of place to shop!!! Wish I was closer!! I love the jars with the jute ribbon wrapped around and the industrial cart was super cool...lucky buyer!!

If the scale is still on your mind, get it!! You deserve it!!



Sares said...

Great pictures, as always! Your Mom went and watered the Mums today but couldn't tell if anything was gone. However, one of the other vendors was working and he let her see the tablet and 5 things had sold today, all from our booth! Pretty good for one day. Wish I knew what it was, she couldn't remember!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Your space looks fabulous!
It is so warm and welcoming and very much says "Fall". :-)


Lolo said...

I too love all the warm colors (and that Zebra rug - fun!)

You crack me up about the spider...and i was thinking the crow was lookin a little stunned at the size of the spider - LOL :D

I have a thing for scales too. My hubby was like "when is the last time you actually weighed something on one of those?!" Uh hello McFly....its for decoration, duh!

June said...

Michelle you girls rock!!! You scored the greatest finds and your space looks amazing! A lot of work, I know, but you do it so well!

1 Funky Woman said...

Looking good! I see many things that I'd snatch up! Loving the bird cage and crow with the visitor on top!


Desert Rose said...

You guys are soooooo funny! Sometimes I think that the "merchandising" is more important than the proift to you! ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Great that red thermos and the turkey plate. Fun fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for visiting! I'm so glad you did, so I could find your lovely blog. :)
Your shop looks wonderful! I see so many wonderful things! I love the c'est la vie wall hanging and Halloween Boo sign... do you ship out of state or have an on-line shop??? :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Jo