Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Booth Makeover...AGAIN!!!

Hi everyone! It's Tara again, posting on the latest booth shuffle. You know how it goes, a few weeks go by and you start getting that itch to shake things up and move things around. So what's a girl to do but go for it!

It only took 4 1/2 hours to accomplish. Which I am discovering is about the length it takes me when I do a complete makeover. This is the third one in 2 months. But one was pre~Christmas and one was post~Christmas so I don't think I'm getting compulsive about it or anything. Yet. Right?

I added a few touches of red to tie in with Valentine's Day coming up. I am with Michelle and want to add some color back into our space after all the winter whites and greens and grays. I just brought the chalkboard door back into the space. We got this when we first opened our booth and welcomed our customers comments on it. It wasn't for sale at the time. I just added a fresh coat of light aqua paint to it and it's now for sale.

If you come and shop you get FREE candy!

Another view. I think this corner turned out rather cozy. I also added a few clothing items. You can see some sweaters and blouses in the dresser and there are a couple of dresses hanging about along with a coat Michelle brought, tucked in the nook.

Nana's handmade items, she just added two quilts you see on the bottom left. The whole family got quilts like this for Christmas about 10 years ago. They're perfect to curl up for a nap or watch TV with. Mine is looking pretty ratty and has a few tears. I may be needing a new one soon. Hint hint Nana.

The Paris France trunk was previously in the space too. It was once a beautiful combo of green and orange. I wasn't having any takers so it got a major overhaul and hopefully it will find a new home now, along with the birdcage that got a coat of  bronze~black paint. It was previously brass. Trust me when I tell you it looks much better.

I think I have satisfied my urge to shuffle. 
For now!
Hope you enjoyed the tour and have a terrific weekend!



le@thirdontheright said...

love the new look truck - how fab ! best le xox

All That Jazz said...

It looks great Tara! You are our master merchandiser. I can't wait to add some color as we get closer to spring. I picked up some new and fun treasures for the shop today! And a few for myself, hee hee! ;-)

Polly said...

Looks great! I am crushing on the grey Paris box and the caned chair and of course the barn wood frames!! You girls always have great stuff going on in that booth of yours!!



Vicki said...

Hi, Michelle and Tara. Your booth looks great. Love that bird cage, altered bottles and the frames. I also love how you've added a splash of red here and there. So nice to meet you. Following!

Kathy said...

Shuffle it up, I say! The booth looks great and those little pops of red really bring in the Valentine feeling. Funny how red can do that this time of year. - Tata! Kathy

Lissa said...

looks great! you have a lot of beautiful things to choose from!


Your booth looks fabulous! I loved browsing through it.

Bearly Sane ® said...

I think you just like moving things about Sares. LOL!! Can you email the price of those pink ballet slippers with postage to Oz? That's if they haven't already sold.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio