Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Joy of Wanting to Be A Cook

My whole life, I have been a cook-wannabe.

When I was ten I cut out advertisement recipes from my mom's Woman's Day and Family Circle magazines. I would glue them onto construction paper, creating a "recipe book" as her Christmas gift.

I love photo cookbooks. The photos are alluring and inspire me. I page through my cookbooks and Post-It the pages of recipes I want to try. Last year I was inspired by The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I have recently been inspired by The Farm Chicks in The Kitchen.

But the truth is, I really only cook when I try something wonderful that someone else has made. Then I am obsessive about getting the recipe from them and trying it myself! I am not bad in the kitchen. I have a lot to learn. I get by.

Whereas being a good cook is a pipe-dream for me, I do love to bake, and can bake fairly well. My baking is something I share with others which makes it more enjoyable.

 This is one of my recent favorite snacks. It requires no baking or cooking! So really, it's quite perfect for me. Farmboy's mom introduced me to this over Christmas.

Buy a small pack of smoked salmon from your grocery store's seafood department. Put it in a pretty bowl (everything tastes better from a pretty bowl, right?) Then make it like you would tuna fish. I add pepper, basil, and mayo. Mix it up well. Use a pretty spreading knife and eat it on your favorite cracker (I use Keebler Multi-grain Club crackers.) Yum!

Now, about all that snow I've been watching and waiting for??

Let it snow, let it snow!

Well, it is still not here. I have been checking out my window religiously. And by the time it gets here I'll be asleep, and when I wake up they say it will be raining. I was looking forward to a cozy day at home tomorrow, working on Jazz projects, watching movies, going for a walk in the snow, then coming inside and "making" soup~

~you know, opening the can of Campbell's can of split pea and ham.....breaking up the Saltine's on top....

Happy "cooking" everyone!



Sares said...

Man Cub and I watched all day too. Finally it arrived around 6:30. An hour and a half late. Why is it when they predict snow, it takes forever to get here but when it's rain, it comes 6 hours early?
Man Cub and I went for a late night walk in the snow and then made a dinky snowman, snowballs and snowangels.
Had a mini snowball fight and accidentally hit him in the face. I felt really bad but it was funny. I'm so mean!

I just found a really good recipe I want to try, I'll email it to you, it's chopped chicken, cheese, cranberries and a few more things placed inside Pillsbury Crescent rolls. It looks super easy, right up our ally.
The dip looks yummy, I love salmon.

Sorry you aren't going to get your snow day! Better luck next year!

Teresa said...

The Keebler's are the very best, aren't they? Your spread looks mighty tasty!

All That Jazz said...

{Sares}~ Better luck next year?? How about next week? Next month? I'm not giving up hope!! ;-) xo

June said...

You and I would get along great Michelle. I'm not a bad cook, but I'm not a great cook either. But I'm a good baker. I love to bake. I can make a kitchen smell pretty darn good when I bake too. Keep working at it and you will be a great cook. My four daughters are all great cooks. and they sure didn't get it from their mom.lol!
Thank you sweet, for coming over to wish me well. I'm doing so much better now that that's behind me.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I am a wanna be cook too! There is something so wonderful about cooking for the family.

Desert Rose said...

Hate cooking...always have...always will ;)
your recipe will also for with crab and small shrimp!

Polly said...

That salmon dip sounds really good....thanks for sharing! I'm not a very good cook, but I am working on it! My favorite dish lately is lemon caper salmon....so easy!! And so yummy if you like seafood!!

Hope you are having a good week Michelle!!