Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

I had a fun weekend, did you? I had to work part of Saturday. Then I watched an "on your feet screaming and stomping" football playoff game with my father that made me believe dreams can come true when you believe they can.

Farmboy sold his first barnwood frame and mirror to my Auntie Jeanette. Her home is emitting fabuluous rustic charm these days and I know they will be well-placed!

I took a few items to the shop. I did not have much time to putter around. One of these days I need to devote a whole day to puttering in our space. It is so fun and relaxing. A wonderful creative challenge. I think I could teach a course on space management after trying to add more merchandise to our space!

Here are some of the goodies I brought in~

vintage barnwood frames and mirrors
burlap signs
numbered platter
 old childrens' books
numbered cocoa mugs
wooden spools
vintage floral apron
gold Syroco shelves

This week is going to be interesting. They are saying we might, just might, get a big snowstorm mid-week. Which means I could get a snow day, and possibly tackle a couple of Jazz projects (make burlap feedsack pillows) and watch the DVD's my cousins loaned me. The titles? Marie Antoinette, Dangerous Liasons, Sense and Sensibility, (the only one I've seen before) Young Victoria, and The Age of Innocence. Sense a theme here?? Any recommendations of which one I should watch first?



Sares said...

It's fun to be able to hand out there all day. If you're able to do it you should completely rearrange the whole booth like I do and see what you come up with! Your stuff you brought in it neat. I hope it sells quickly for you.

AS for the movies? How about in order of the time period they take place? Or alphabetical? Decisions Decisions.

I am off to switch between watching Ax Men and Auction Kings. Gotta love reality TV!!!

cowgirljlynn said...

Yep, love the mirror and frame... Guess what I bought today while at the shop...the blazing trails pillow...I have been coveting it since you brought it how to keep it away from the kiddies and dogs!!!

Polly said...

Great finds! As always, I love all your stuff! So, question, do you ship farmboy's frames? I would love to have one of those for a kitchen project I'm working on!! I just ordered a set of french seed packets and I'm thinking those frames would look awesome with them!! Also, what about the numbered mugs....willing to ship??

Let me know!!

Have a great week Michelle!



All That Jazz said...

{Polly}~ It is certainly a possibility. I will email you to discuss details! ;-)

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Your photos look great Michelle. I love the numbered mugs and platters.

As for the movies...I've only seen Sense and Sensibility and Dangerous Liasons. I think I liked the latter better :)

Susan said...

Oh, your shop goodies look so good Michelle! And I'm envious of your DVD selection. I loved the Age of Innocence when it came out. Enjoy and stay cozy in that snowstorm!
- Susan

Lissa said...

I'm so disappointed that we haven't gotten that snow they talked about!
my brother got whip lash celebrating the seahawks victory. Had to tease him about that!

Firefly Hill said...

we are getting another snowstorm tonight...6 to 10 inches! all of your movies sound wonderful...stay warm!

Kate said...

Oh Michelle you never disappoint!!!

What a terrific eye you have such treasures!! I counld not even imagine living where there would be a snow storm, spoiled in So Cal to say the least. Have a wonderful week


Desert Rose said...

Farm boy does good work! Love your new finds.