Monday, January 17, 2011

Thrift Til You Drop

My recent shopping trips for our All That Jazz vendor space aren't going so well. I keep finding treasures for myself. Oops. Do any of you thrifty junkin' shoppers find that to be a bit of  a problem?

Last week I hit a few thrift shops and found some great finds~

I have needed a dish rack for a long, long time. This metal one had a handle that slides out so that it hangs over one side of my double sink. It is perfect for me as I have limited counter space!

Old books for stacking. One is a book of Shakespeare poetry.

Sonnet XII~

I have no idea what it is about, but the language of old William is quite lovely and eloquent, don't you think?

I snagged up the rustic red metal plate, it will go to the shop.

Those green plates, however, are staying with me!

This old Spaniel will be sold in the shop as well. He is so cute, a bit sad and chipped yet perfectly vintage!
I love old aprons and that red gingham one was right up my alley! I passed on it's blue partner which I might have to go back and get.....I imagine it's gone. Don't you hate it when you pass on something that calls to you later? My number one junkin' and thrifting tip: pick up anything that remotely calls to you, even if you aren't sure. Put it in your cart as you shop. If you don't, more often than not it won't be there when you decide later that you can't live without it!

I have a few more weeks to do some shopping for Jazz before we do a bit of the "blahs-of-winter" sprucing and fluffing of our space. I am excited to help Tara do a make-over, maybe with a few hints of spring color. It's about the time of year we start feeling the winter doldrums and need a bit of color and cheer in our lives!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and found a few thrifty treasures of your own!



Polly said...

I haven't had much luck thrifting lately! But we went to an auction yesterday and filled the car! it was fun to find some goodies!!

I love that little dog figurine!! I'm a sucker for old books too!!

Have a good week Michelle!


Desert Rose said...

one for the store 2 for for the store 3 for you!!!

Jenni said...

I think it's funny you chose that sonnet since it's talking about how all things beautiful must get old and withered, and yet look at all those old and still lovely things you found! (I have a degree in English Lit so I spent a lot of time dissecting Old Will) Lisa and I are getting ready to brighten up our space too. I am going with hints of red and some interesting sheet music butterflies. . . and of course lots of white! But I have a hard time not picking things up for myself, or just keeping things I meant to sell :)

House of White

Teresa said...

That's how it always goes. When I'm looking for myself, I can never find anything. It's the times that I should be behaving myself that the good stuff comes out of the woodwork.
Regardless of what you're shopping for, shopping is always fun!

Linda said...

Great finds, Michelle! I especially love the dog figurine! I've always called it a perk of the job, we get first picks! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway~ good luck!

Sares said...

I can see why you were uncertain about sending the dog to the shop, he's a cutie! I am excited about sprucing again too. I have a red gingham apron, maybe we should wear ours when we spruce!
My last shopping trip went really well and I actually didn't buy anything for me. I had a couple things I put back though! Savin' my $ for our big trip!

Rachel Noelle said...

Great finds Michelle!! ;) Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Stella said...

Some great finds. Are you sure the doggie has to go to the shop. I can just see on lookout from a stackof vintage books. And you are so right if you think you like it - buy it.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi! I too LOVE Thrifting! Often times I think I should have a store since it would please me to shop junk shops dailey for great finds. Then I think ~~ "who am I kidding?" I wouldn't be able to part with the great stuff I stumble across. I love your latest finds.


A Cottage Muse said...

I haven't been thriftin' in a while. Yesterday Jim took me when he got back from Virginia and almost everything I got I am keeping! I am supposed to be shopping for my booth too!!

Lissa said...

i would think that it would be extremely difficult to keep from buying for yourself when you're junking. I love how functional that dish rack is.

Anonymous said...

Great finds, Michelle! Love the green and white plates... so pretty!
Hope you have a great day!
~ Jo :)

Robin said...

LOL your so funny! It's very hard to shop without looking for items you would like also. I think you did a good job. Some for the shop, some for you -- I'd call that a win -win!

I love that old metal plate, the cute little puppy and the apron!