Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Been Happenin'

Hi! It's me! Sorry I've been M.I.A. this week. I really have been "in action." First, it was payday. Which means I had to run a gazillion errands.

Second, I was busy blog-hopping. DANGEROUS, let me tell you! It is just slightly addicting and I am continually amazed at all the creative peeps out there! On one of the blogs I found something new for my camera. I will share it with you when it arrives. In my defense, I have a super special BIG birthday coming up next month. So let's just say I defined this purchase as an early present for me......

Third, I am also getting ready to take a load of merchandise to the shop, so that has me frantic. I just made my last two burlap pillows for a while. So I say. Burlap is a bit messy to deal with..... but I do love how farmhouse these pea sack pillows turned out~

Once I price something I wrap it and box it up so I don't have pictures of all the other goodies now, but I will get some photos once items are in the shop.

I've also been gathering up blue mason jars.

I have a fun party planned for my birthday and I'm thinking of using these blue darlings in my table decor.
I want to do something simple and have a few ideas and inspirations in mind. I will be sure to share pictures!

I need to paint that white tray above and take it to the's only been primed. I can't decide between a beachy shade of gray or a light aqua blue....

I have been so inspired by recent posts of these two bloggers (which I know you all read and adore, if you are anything like me),  Dreamy Whites and Humble Pie.  Both ladies recommended Mrs. Meyer's lavender laundry detergent. Lets just say it's been a while since I've splurged on this kind of thing but I decided to give it a go as I needed detergent anyway and I'm obsessed with all things lavender. Besides, I've been buying mine at Dollar Tree for the last year so technically I've saved enough to spend $14 on this one, right? I gotta say it- this stuff leaves my laundry amazingly softer and more fragrant than that harsher, cheap detergent!!

Lastly, I am so excited to start getting organized. I seriously, seriously need to do this. It is my numero uno spring project. I have been collecting various sizes of canisters and got cute labels from Martha Stewart and once I get a good stash I will be sittin' down and going to organization town!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! If you are in the middle of a snowstorm, please stay safe and warm!



{the vintage wren} said...

Love your pillows...especially the peas. Of course I'm also a sucker for blue mason jars and I can't wait to see how you decorate with them for your birthday. Have a wonderful birthday. Take Care, Carrie

A Cottage Muse said...

Those pillows are great!

Big Birthday approaching...spoil yourself rotten!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Happy Birthday, then!=)...Love the pictures, and's funny, the first week of the month is super busy for me too!=)

cowgirljlynn said...

Alright young lady, tha'ts enough of making pillows that I want...Did I tell you I bought your Blazing Trails pillow!!! Now I am probably going to have to buy one of those. Love you, Auntie

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Those pillows are beautiful. I can imagine sewing burlap would be messy though. I've always loved those blue jars. Most of mine came from my mom, who got them from her mom :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lissa said...

I've really enjoyed the Meyer's detergent this week too! My sheets did feel softer! Love the tray with the blue jars! I have a few of those myself.
great minds...

Anonymous said...

Wow... it sounds like you've been one busy lady! Love the pillows and the mason jars! Can't wait to see the pics of your birthday table setting... sounds wonderful!
Happy Sunday to you!
~ Jo :)