Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad News, Good News and Changes

Sometimes, you come to a crossroads in your life. Some decisions are easy to make, others are not.

Dear blogger friends, I am sorry I have been amiss these days. I have a lot of exciting things happening in my life and those are going to take me away from Jazz for a while, if not indefinitely. I am definitely taking a road that I am very happy about, although for a while it means change and upheaval.

For starters- I am relocating! With this move comes a lot of packing and reorganizing, which leaves little time for blogging. Or for shop projects, for that matter.

As my new home will be several hours (even further than it is now) from our current Jazz shop, it will just not be convenient to commit to the level I want. So, I will be moving my merchandise out of the Centralia location sometime this summer.

The clubhouse. The former site of many good card games and potlucks at our annual summer family reunion. This year will be the first year in over 30  years that we have not had it at this location!

 me, summer of 2008
I am not sure what I am going to do. I have some leads on some vendor spaces in my new town. This is exciting, but I need to work on some other things first (like finding a job.) Also, the range of my hunting and pecking grounds will be shrinking immensely in my new location. I might eventually just open an Etsy shop instead. I am still trying to find my niche.

Tara and my dear family will keep the All That Jazz Vintage shop and blog open and full of beautiful treasures and ideas. I am sad to be leaving the partnership we created a year ago, but I am hoping we can meet up and do some flea markets together in the coming future!

I will continue to post on this blog from time to time and let you know when I open my new shop, site, or blog.

Change is hard, but it is time for me to focus on some other things. While bittersweet for now, one of my true passions is creating and I know in time I will be back, jazzier then ever!

my sister, summer of 2008

On another note, if you can send some well-wishes my sister's way, I'd love it. She has had a continual stroke of bad luck as of late and I know the power of some positive vibes and prayers out there will help!! Thanks bunches!



A Rosy Note said...

I'm so happy for you Michelle, but at the same time sad...I'll miss visiting with you. I hope everything works out that way you're hoping and that we'll here from you sometime in the future.

Best wishes to you...and your sister too :)

♥ tricia

Sares said...

I am so bummed I ma losing my partner in junking crime! But I am so happy for you and what's happening in your life right now. You have waited so long to reach this point in your life and I know wonderful things lie ahead for you!
Your poor Sis. When it rains it pours. It's certainly been a rotten streak for her. It can only get better right?!

A Cottage Muse said...

Good luck on your new path and wishing you much luck and happiness!
Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your sister too!

Town and Country Gals said...

How exciting for you and sad for us! Change can be a bit scary but so exciting! Hope everything works out the way you want and that we will hear from you in the future! It's been fun following your adventures! Looking forward to the "new adventures of Michelle"!
P.S. Hope things turn around for your sister.

Polly said...

Best wishes Michelle!!