Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mother's Advice

I remember my mom telling me several years ago that when I bought flowers for my home, to buy carnations because they last.

You might remember this post on April 20th where I featured that interesting wire stand with the carnations in the Coke bottles?

I'd gotten those carnations a week before that at a local grocery store. They were 3.99 for a small bundle.

I put some in my bathroom.

 And the rest in a burlap-wrapped mason jar in my living room.

It has been nearly 17 days and the flowers are still fresh, smelling strong, and blooming. I am so happy I opted for these carnations. Until the farmer's markets open later this month, getting anything fancier is just too expensive for how long they last.

Thank you mom, for the great advice. Happy mother's day to you! xoxo

And to all the mothers out there. I hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are!!



Vintage Gal said...

Beautiful pictures. Now I need to go out and get myself some carnations ~ thanks! ;-)

Desert Rose said...

My mother never told me that why I buy evrything else??? hope's the packing coming??? We leave in the am for PDX...finally got everything packed & loaded! It is miserable...every 6 months!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

I got the same advice from my Mom many, many years ago!
You've captured them beautifully!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

BECKY said...

Just delightful! I knew that, but I so love all the other flowers! I am trying to grow my own, so I can have fresh cut bouquets right from the back yard. We'll see. It seems they are either too wet or too dry!!

Love your photos!
Have a joyful Sunday!