Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A makeover and a BIG buy!

Hi y'all! Tara here again. You get the pleasure of my company today as Michelle has been busy, but will be back in a couple of days to post for you. I needed to show you my end table makeover I teased you with last week anyway. So this was the BEFORE...

and the AFTER

I had some serious painting difficulties with these. A weird glaze color and a lack of patience on my part created a bit more work for myself than intended but I like the end result. I realize the picture is not that great and the lighting wasn't the best, blame it on this dreary NW weather.

I know this painting technique isn't for everyone, as is the color. I think it may be a love it or leave it kind of thing. I hope I'm not hauling them home in a few months to repaint! I hope SOMEONE out there loves them enough to smack down some cash! I  think they have a fun beachy/summery vibe. They have yet to make it to the shop as I am waiting for someone to pick up a layaway purchase so I have the room for them.

This little vintage art deco table went in last week. It's a cute little piece. I know it's hard to tell but the color is a light aqua. Darn rotten lighting again.

And here is my BIG buy of the weekend. This dreamy, chippy old shelf. I went on the prowl at some local events and I knew I had a pretty good shot at finding a big display piece that would work with my budget. If you remember a few weeks ago I was bemoaning the fact that we were selling furniture left and right and I was wishing we had just ONE piece we didn't have to worry about losing, as we have a lot of smalls that need to be transferred each time a big piece sells. It's a bit of a hassle.

So, on the hunt I went and just as I had hoped, I found this piece at the exact place I was hoping to find something. It was a bit of a challenge because the place was packed and stuff was flying out of there left and right. I told the gal I wanted it so she would put a sold sticker on it before I had QUITE made up my mind. It was the most expensive thing I've bought for Jazz. It took me 20 minutes to make up my mind and go for it. I loved it and was pretty sure it was an excellent price.

It got moved into the Jazz booth on Saturday and we already had 2 people interested while we were setting it up. Call me crazy but I am not ready to let it go yet. Unless someone is willing to offer me a very very steep price!

So for now she sits, looking pretty and making our stuff look great, marked NFS. She can stick around for a bit and observe all our customers, the comings and goings!

The center vignette after we moved things around last weekend.

Hope you all have a super week, with some sunshine sprinkled in there SOMEWHERE!



Rachel Noelle said...

I LOVE the chippy white shelves!!! I can see why you bought it~If you ever decide to sell it..PLEASE think of me!! I live in WA too..where is your shop?? ;) Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Anonymous said...

If I lived closer, you'd get your "steep" price! I LOVE it! It's one of those one-of-a-kind piece...good job. and I see lots of other things that I would love to bring home with me. I sure wish we had good shops like yours anywhere near me.

Amanda said...

Hi Tara and Michelle! Wow! Your booth space looks amazing! I love that new chippy white display piece and I don't blame you for holding onto it! I did the same thing about a year ago...added a large desk with hutch top to my space and put a "for display only" tag on it. It has made my life easier in some ways...but it's so big that it's hard to move around and I think it often makes my space look a little stale. Your piece looks like the perfect size...which is one reason why people are so interested in it, I'm sure! Sounds like you've been busy! Nice work...it all looks great!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Desert Rose said...

The night stands turned out great!!! If I were you...I just would not sell my main display peices...way too much work for you!!!

BECKY said...

Wow! That large piece is amazing! I couldn't part with it right away, either! It is a perfect piece for display!

Love your makeovers! That little deco table is adorable!

Your booth is so lovely! You all have great taste!

Have a joyful day!

A Cottage Muse said...

Sigh...I so have booth envy!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Jen Kershner said...

I love the lines of the end tables. They turned out great!

Town and Country Gals said...

Hey Michelle and tara,
Your space looks amazzzzing! Your new display piece is fabulous, I'd not be able to let it go either! Great make over on the tables, love the color, sometimes you just have to do something out of the box and if you have to repaint, well it was a shot, but they are cute!
A barn is not a barn without some "barn Kitties"! That's the hard part for me, having to keep her in the house because we are on a busy street too. Not a fan of what comes with keeping one inside, but for now it is what it is!