Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Old Blue Chair

Before we opened our Jazz booth last Spring, we had to seriously stock up on merchandise and this chair was one of the first things we bought. It was originally wood and my Aunt painted it turquoise. The poor little chair hung around a while. Possibly because a certain Aunt priced it a bit high because she loved it so and wasn't going to be devastated if it didn't sell.

It made the move with us when we went downstairs, got stashed on dressers, in nooks, featured front and center, went back home with my Aunt because she thought she might want to keep it. Then it went BACK to Jazz was finally sold to a good home a couple months ago. Or so I thought...

I was trolling the blogging airwaves, I do that from time to time, and to what do my wandering eyes should appear, the old blue chair. Someone bought it to put in their space at Monticello Marketplace in Portland. There is no mistaking it's the same chair although they shabbied up the paint job a bit.

Can you find the old blue chair?

So for now the old blue chair haunts the hall of Monticello, awaiting a real home.

Can you spot the old blue chair now?

If you have never been to Monticello Marketplace and live within driving distance, you should go, it's chalk full of the most fabulous stuff. They have a good variety of merchandise and best of all...
no tax!

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Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am one of your newest followers and I just adore this blog =)! Love the chair!!! Xoxoxo

Simply Me said...

Thank you so much !!! The sketch is actually a print, by the Artist named Degas I bought it a while back , you can find them online... I love Horses!! My favorite Animal .. Have a Great Day !

Kate said...

Hi Tara & Michelle

Well that blue chair is something fabulous and I am sure when it does find a home the owner will love it too. Great post love the photos. Happy weekend


BECKY said...

What a fun story! The chair is definitely something I could see hanging onto. I have had several things I haven't wanted to part with...but did. I figure I'll come across something like it again, so I'll just sell it!

Have a wonderful Sunday! Monticello Market looks amazing, and DANGEROUS!! :o)