Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Eye Candy

Hello! I feel like I haven't been in here in ages but Blogger ate my last post when they were down and out last week!

Just in case you missed it, I had to add the photo of my new chair~

I thought I would share a few "Things that I am loving" these days!  (Photos will be credited when appropriate, some of these I do not know where I got them, they were just in my favorites file. Sorry.)

Here goes~

This dining room!

 {photo: unknown source}

Flowers and blue mason jars and crocheted doilies~ be still my heart.

 {photo: Pinterest}

McDonald's frozen strawberry lemonade will do in a pinch, but I am hoping to whip up the real deal this summer!

 {photo: Pinterest}

Pillow from vintage fabrics that my mom and cousin made. I decided I wanted one and was unloading merchandise into the shop one Saturday when a customer picked it up and bought it! She said "Happy Mother's Day to me" as she paid for it. So cute, I'm glad she loved it! Luckily there was another smaller one still available that I got for myself.

 I do not know what these purple flowers are that sprout up around my yard every spring. Are they weeds? They color is delightful!

Have a happy week everyone!



A Rosy Note said...

Hey Michelle...I think I'm loving what you're loving! Those little flower arrangements in the old jars are so cute. I had a bunch of those jars and sold them a few years back...I should look for some again.

And that pillow! How adorable. Don't you just love how cozy chenille is?

Your last photo is gorgeous! I'm wondering if those are bluebells?

Hope you're having a good week.

Tricia ♥

Sares said...

Great dining room, especially that bench and of course the mirrors. Funny you wanted the pillow! Your Mom started them last year and I inherited the empty shell. I had to figure a way to "JAZZ" it up without sewing.
I love me some aqua mason jars!

Town and Country Gals said...

I thing we love the same things! That green paint on that dining room table, to die for! Love everything! What a "feel good post"! Have some wooden chairs on the order of the one you showed, think I need to get out the paint!

Cousin B said...

Love the pictures! Makes want to go make some lemonade and its a MUST to have it in those pretty jars.